Celebrating the 5th Debut Anniversary, EXID Photobook Project
Project Synopsis
#28_Outdoor Billboard Ad. Proof-Shot EVENT



< EXID 350% Stretch Goal Outdoor Billboard Ad. >



Sinchon Roundabout Sinchon Wedding Hall Building


Period (in KST)

November 13th 8:30AM ~ November 27th





Take a proof-shot of the EXID Sinchon Roundabout Outdoor Billboard ad
and upload it on your social media with the hashtag #EXID_LEGGO_MAKESTAR.



How to enter


1. UPLOAD the Proof-Shot of EXID Outdoor Billboard Ad. on your social media.

      - If unable to see the outdoor billboard in person; follow Makestar's social media account & share (/RT) Makestar's Ad. proof-shot.

      - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, etc. (posting on multiple social medias allowed)


2. DO NOT FORGET including "#EXID_LEGGO_MAKESTAR" within the post.

      - Only the public posting counts (private posts NOT allowed)


3. LEAVE a link to your social-media-page as a comment to current event page.

      - DO NOT FORGET leaving a link to your social media to complete your entry.



Tip  How to increase the odds of winning!


1. Participate in #EXID Photobook Project AND THEN make your entry to this event!

2. Share this event page's link on your social media with an hashtag, #EXID_LEGGO_MAKESTAR





Event period (in KST)

November 13th (MON) ~ November 27th (MON) (2 Weeks)



Every LEGGOs who posts a proof-shot of EXID Outdoor Billboard Ad. on one's social media (or who 'shares' Makestar's proof-shot)

& leaves a comment to current event-page with its 'url link' as a confirmation.


Event prize

ONE EXID Polaroid Photo (member random)


Number of winners

  10 LEGGOs


Winner announcement

    December 4th, 2017 (MON)


* The prize will be shipped to the winners after the outdoor billboard ad. ends


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If you want to join the project?
If you want to join the project?