Celebrating the 5th Debut Anniversary, EXID Photobook Project
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#27_<EXCLUSIVE> EXID Toy Stamp Design!


EXID's debut 5th anniversary photobook album project is already at its last stage~
As the project is nearing its end, EXID Toy Stamp is getting attention as much as the photobook itself!!
Are you curious what it looks like?
Makestar reveals the design of EXID Toy Stamp to the worldwide LEGGOs for the first time ever!

Once the project is over, you know you can't get these anywhere else right?!
Do NOT miss out your chance to get these cute limited EXID Toy Stamps~!


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why are the stamps made in A type when B type has the most votes in the poll?


"a structural error in the test model"

If you want to join the project?
If you want to join the project?