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  • jiaye882 years ago

    Now there is a way to support Crayon Pop in an indirect way! Yeom Jina who was a member of Crayon Pop's sister group Bob Girls has now once again appeared in a new girl group named We.girls and there is an ongoing Makestar Project for them. Please help purchase their sets and vote for Jaina (she has changed her stage name to this new one) as the team leader. Thanks!

    Hong Kong Appa2 years ago

    I was damn unlucky losing the signed CD copy recently, would it be possible to have some "remaining set" or just buy the signed CD, please! please! please! I'm feeling deadly frustrated now. (Previously I've bought the Set 5)

    Hong Kong Appa2 years ago

    No Makestar event but at least I will go for Taiwan event!

    빠Bar빠2 years ago

    I wonder if he got the idea after seeing Crayon Pop's Bar Bar Bar dance? I'm sure many would come up with the zig zag jumping idea by themselves,but their arm movements are exactly the same as Crayon Pop's https://youtu.be/Fpt7W9OmCJM?t=75

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