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#5_Yuna's fashion coordination book

What should I wear today? Which style should I wear?
We are pretty sure that everyone is worried about the point.
As you already know, Camila also has their own styling.


So! Today, we would like to inform of Yuna's school code points.
Yuna, a student, having a beauty of doll and long legs
gives some eye-catching styling points at university~



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yuna 🤟💋💄

Marie Engel

the first outfit is a bit too could say it looks a bit cheap. Yuna is soo pretty she doesnt need to show so much skin, the skirt should be longer or her shirt. the second outfit is very simple and basic. its also not suitable for really cold winter cause of missing boots, scarf and hat or else. 😅

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If you want to join the project?