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#4_1 Minute Intro_No.2 SEOL HWA


Sexy AND pure girls, just for the worldwide StarMakers~
Blah Blah's 1 minute introduction! START! 💋


Number 2 is SEOL HWA- the owner of healthy sexiness!
If you're curious to find out more about SEOL HWA's talent, check out the video right now!
Don't forget to vote for SEOL HWA :)


❗ Check out the video and vote for your favorite member by leaving support comments ❗
The member with the most votes will take a "silly face" selfie with the members!
It all depends on you guys, so go leave a comment now 📢





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우~역시 설화님... 손이 가요~손이가... 하지만, 투표는 지우님에게 했지우~^^


춤이 정말 매력적인 설화님^^ 화이팅!!!

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If you want to join the project?