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#3_1 Minute Intro_No.1 JI WOO


Sexy AND pure girls, just for the worldwide StarMakers~
Blah Blah's 1 minute introduction! START! 💋


I'm the ultimate girl crush!! No.1 is the sexy leader JI WOO!
JI WOO's charm is her mesmerizing voice and amazing dance skills!!
If you like JI WOO, pick No.1 and leave lots of comments :)


❗ Check out the video and vote for your favorite member by leaving support comments ❗
The member with the most votes will take a "silly face" selfie with the members!
It all depends on you guys, so go leave a comment now 📢





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당근 1번 지우님에게 투표 합니당. 댓글이 이상한곳 가서 다시 작성함.


All of the members are beautiful, sexy, and nice, but I had to choose Jiwoo... if I could I would choose all of them.


Blah Blah's members are all so beautiful and I wish I could vote for everyone, but JiWoo's singing voice was so nice, I have to vote for her. Good luck, Blah Blah!


목소리 좋아요!


목소리도 매력적인 지우님^^ 화이팅!!!

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If you want to join the project?