B.I.G Fan Meeting Project
Project Synopsis
#1_Fan Meeting Project is Opened!

who are we B.I.G! Hello you all, It's B.I.G~~!!
Seems like it has been a while since we said hello to you all through our previous, 'B.I.G Single Album Project'~
We bet you all, StarMakers, should have very much missed us, right?? ^3^

So we decided to open a new project through which we can actually meet you all in person!
On the romantic Pepero Day, 11/11/2017, B.I.G's Fan Meeting is going to take place and host the worldwide BIGINNINGs! "BIGINNING, would you go on a date with B.I.G on the Pepero Day?"




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Posted 6 days ago

unfortunately I cannot make it on South Korea that day! :( Anyways , already pledged for Special rewards (Shipped Goods) Instead.. Have fun Fellow BIGinnings.. and ALL THE BEST to B.I.G. Missing you guys already!

Posted 7 days ago
If you want to join the project?
If you want to join the project?