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    • BerryGood's first fan meeting project


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  • chiyako922 months ago

    Hello Makestar, I pledged for Set 2 on 16 November 2018, but I haven't received my reward (StarMaker certificate, smartphone wallpaper set, Thank you video, and limited edition of the mini poster set for 50 first participants). My pledge number is 154237591150085. Thanks.

    LorenzeKai2 months ago

    I have just received the items and unfortunately, I was sad to say that the side of the free travel album was damaged. Its only a little but still I expected everything to be delivered properly :(. I'm sad but other than that everything came.

    Hopaline2 months ago

    Do you guys have a tracking number updated ? I can’t find any and rewards shipping is apparently completed :0

    LorenzeKai2 months ago

    Btw guys why did they gave us 999 download count?. Hmm... my first time pledging for makestar.

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