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    • BerryGood's first fan meeting project


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  • LorenzeKai17 days ago

    Btw guys why did they gave us 999 download count?. Hmm... my first time pledging for makestar.

    JasonP20 days ago

    Has anyone downloaded the thank you video? It comes down as an STL file to me... Which is a 3D printer file! How do I watch the video?

    廖宇堂1 month ago

    Thanks Makestar. It’s an amazing night. We have a lot of fun with Berrygood. I can’t wait for next time. Berrygood fighting.love you. And love Makestar ,too.

    LorenzeKai1 month ago

    Question for Berry Good: whats one thing you will remember forever being as a Berry Good Member?. :).

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