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  • Code4Madame52 years ago

    I was under the impression that Bibbidi...boo was just made as a reward and that there would be an actual MV that would come out later... The song was good enough, but the mv is disappointing to say the least :/ I hope their future comebacks will look more professional like their previous releases.

    JasonP2 years ago

    Yes. Mine arrived the next day after I mentioned below. Thank you! The set is great! Although I do have two criticisms. 1: The Makestar wording. "Single Album Project" Album here means a blank book or a collection of songs. In other words.. More than one. I was expecting a mini album / album of 4 plus songs rather than a single song. 2. The 'Book" is paperback. It would have been nice had it at least been cardboard or hard hardback. It would have appeared more professional. Other than those two small gripes, I like the set ( Set 4 ) over-all. It would have been nice had there been an option of a Set 4a of Set 4 but with the Set 5 30 photo set. I would have paid extra for that. But not $260 as I was unable to get to Korea this time. All that aside, I like the set and wish the girls all the best for the future and look forward to another MakeStar project with Berry Good. Finally, to answer Johyun's question. Do I like Berry Good? Yes! Very Much! :) Thank you. Jason.

    Tobya2 years ago

    Mine arrived in Hong Kong

    mathcs2 years ago

    my tracking number hasnt worked lol- but my package arrived today suddenly! so glad to see berry good's new album!

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