B.A.P Limited Album Project

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B.A.P Limited Album Project Album재생

B.A.P Limited Album Project

CreatorTS Entertainment

11/24/2017 ~1/3/2018

'Best, Absolute, Perfect' - they are back! The 6 warriors, B.A.P's limited album project now begins!

Funding GoalUS$32,198.71
This is an "All or Nothing" project that will be rewarded to project participants when 100% of the project is achieved.
If it is not reached 100%, the participating amount will be refunded and also you won't get any reward.
  • Time RemainingClosed
  • Estimated delivery dateTBA
  • Star Makers1885
Project statusDelivery Completed
<Notice> Production for B.A.P Limited Album is being delayed and, consequently, the shipping for the project is also being slightly delayed. We, as well as the Creator, will try our best to start shipping out the reward items as quickly as possible. Thank you. B.A.P X Makestar Special Signing Event -Winner Announcement (all in KST)- 1ST ROUND : 100 Pledgers from November 24th ~ December 14th Winner Announcement : December 18th 6PM 2ND ROUND : 100 Pledgers from December 15th ~ January 3rd Winner Announcement : January 5th 6PM * You may be selected for both rounds.




This project is an “All or Nothing” type.

Rewards are only redeemable if the funding goal has been reached.
In the event that the project funding is unsuccessful,
the amount pledged by each backer will be reimbursed, and rewards not distributed.

Help make this project a success! Share and spread the word!






Bang Yong Guk




Him Chan




Dae Hyun




Young Jae




Jong Up









Participate in the B.A.P limited album project,

join B.A.P in their another adventure and become their 'honorary producer'!


B.A.P project rewards (B.A.P album&calendar) are  limited edition goods  that are specially produced only for the Makestar pledgers.



Of the BABY! By the BABY! For the BABY! Signing event gets a little bit more special!

Not only once but twice?!


From the StarMakers participating in the B.A.P limited album project,

200 lucky winners will be chosen to attend the B.A.P X Makestar special signing event!


  • Further details regarding the schedule and the details of the special signing event will be notified as soon as possible.
  • If unable to attend; we will send an autographed B.A.P limited album.



WHY should the worldwide BABYs
 participate in the B.A.P Project? 


  FIRST ! 

you can treasure the B.A.P limited package (B.A.P limited album + limited 2018 album calendar) that you cannot get anywhere else!



you can get your name listed in the album credit and prove to the world that you're a BABY! A supporter of B.A.P!!


  THIRD ! 

you can attend the very special B.A.P X Makestar Special Signing Event!!



you can check out various B.A.P contents during the project period!!





  Ways to help the B.A.P Project succeed!
  1. Check out details of the [B.A.P Limited Album Project], and pledge!
  2. Share the project with your friends on social media to let them know!
  3. Once the goal is reached, it's a success!



  Benefits to B.A.P Pledgers
  1. StarMakers who participate in the 'B.A.P Limited Album Project' may become their honorary producer.
  2. Check out exclusive B.A.P content through project's updates at Makestar.
  3. Receive limited edition reward-goods exclusive to the B.A.P project.


Sharing is Caring!

Your help in promoting this project will go a long way to success!
Click on the social media share button, and give B.A.P a helping hand!



‘B.A.P Limited Album Project' Reward


 SET - 1 

USD$ 1.00

  1. Honorary producer certificate (digital)

 SET - 2 

USD$ 27.6

  1. Honorary producer certificate (digital)
  2. B.A.P limited album
  3. Listed on the B.A.P album-credit as an honorary producer
  4. 1 draw for the B.A.P special signing event

 SET - 3 

USD$ 55.2

  1. Honorary producer certificate (digital)
  2. B.A.P limited album
  3. Listed on the B.A.P album-crdit as an honorary producer
  4. Limited album calendar
  5. Photocard SET (6EA)
  6. 2 draws for the B.A.P special signing event


*Above reward-images are samples for ease of understanding*

*B.A.P limited album is a different version (different album jacket images&design) from the album sold offline.
*B.A.P limited album is counted towards the album sales count.

Project period: 2017.11.24 ~ 2018.01.03
Estimated shipping date: January 2018

  • Delivery charge may different on the destination country and selected method of delivery.
  • The expected delivery date is subject to change by the Creator. Any changes will be announced on the project page.
  • B.A.P Special Signing Event is scheduled to take place at approximately January of 2018 (location TBA). Further details regarding the event will be notified personally via email after the project ends.
  • Request of refunds or cancellations of any Makestar's Projects cannot be honored.
    (Except when (1)the project has not reached its initial 100% funding goal, or/and (2)the project's Creator is not capable of start preparing the rewards in 12 months after the project ends.)