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  • namskal1 year ago

    if anyone is interested in purchasing one, i have extra photobooks ;;;

    hanikaiza1 year ago

    I just got my photobook 2days ago,, i had problem to use digital stamp 😭😭 i tried many times on my phone but it didn't work 😭😭😭

    Charmander2 years ago

    Just an update: I received my signed SET-2 today from the fansign. Can you believe it arrived on the anniversary?! What a coincidence! Firstly, let's get the bad review out of the way. The box was damaged and ripped, and the photo book, and stamp weren't secured well enough - so with the weight of the items, the size of the box, and the thin cardboard that made the box, I'm not surprised, it was battered and torn. They used more bubble wrap on the stamp than on the photo book; the top and bottom where not covered, and as a result it was damaged. Corners and even the front cover is bent. I am so disappointed and gutted that it's damaged. I'll include a photo. Onto the good review. The book itself is amazing, lovely quality, and the photos are just beautiful. I am very impressed. So many photos too! I am beyond happy. It's signed too, and they put a little heart next to my name! I'm sure they did with everyone's but still. Makes me happy!!

    daedreaming2 years ago

    I still haven’t gotten my Set 1 yet 😭 I’m getting nervous

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