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#19_Pick Out B.A.P's Photobook Cover Design & Title!
B.A.P & BABYz collaborate on the B.A.P's next photobook! For this time, Makestar suggests a collaborative process on deciding its cover design and TITLE! Check out and vote among below sample-designs for the cover (direct-link below) & Submit an entry for the photobook's title contest through comment!
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To clear up any confusion, this is what Makestar sent me when I asked about the new title. "it is the same photobook that currently has a vote-poll and comment box for collecting title-suggestions. So the "Come on Baby" on the photobook's sample image is *undecided* and subjected to be changed to a new title that BABYs suggest. In a summary, Makestar asks BABYs to place their votes to the poll-page. & asks to leave BABYs' suggestions for the new photobook's title in comments to its update page (https://www.makestar.co/projects/singer_bap/updates/o/19) for a *same photobook* I hope this answered your question. Best regards, Makestar"


would actually prefer it if the boys came up with some titles and that we fans can vote on whichever we like best!! :) however, come on baby does already sound nice, another alternative i'd like to suggest would be "REAL LOVE" , part of yongguk's rap in wake me up, many reasons that can fall under it but for me it would be the interaction and affections between us fans and B.A.P, and the many up and downs we have shared together thus far.


rEVOLution/ B.A.P is always bringing new ideas and breaking stereotypes. Also alludes to Yongguk's tattoo and the "Wake Me Up" MV. Please note that "EVOL" is "LOVE" spelled backwards (and please stylize it to look like the sign at 2:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ku_FYERiHC8)


Forever With You B.A.P & BABY one of the memory between us




한글이 된다면 '별;언제나 항상 그 자리에' 요!!별처럼 반짝이는 존재니까요,,,만약에 한글이 되지 않는다면 Addicted to U 요!!화보집 컨셉도 강렬하니까 제목도 강렬하게!!


” Best, Absolute, Perfect ”/ B.A.P's meaning❤️

Alexander Schulze

"MOMENTz" / this name is not only about the current moment but also all the "MOMENTz" of B.A.P with B.A.B.Yz.


"Together" I would choose the title "Together". This title describes the strong connection between B.A.P and BABYz that you can feel every time and every moment: during their amazing concerts, during their Fan Events, while listening to their music in our daily life. B.A.P loves BABYz and BABYz love B.A.P. ❤


I've got a couple of suggestions. Emotional Revolution - if you've seen the "Wake Me Up" music video, you'll know where that's from. If not, where the heck have you been hiding??? I Know We're Better Together - that's the line that nearly brings me to tears every time I hear Zelo raps that in "Young, Wild and Free". You feel me don't you, Babyz. B.A.P is Back - which is from the boy's first full album's track "B.A.P". I rap along to it all the time. Ultimately, I think the boys should come up with some ideas and Babyz will vote on it. That way there is a bit interaction between B.A.P and Babyz! ❤


WITH YOU 비에이피의 첫번째 팬송제목이기도하고 이 노래에 비에이피와 베이비들의 많은 추억과 행복과 눈물이 담겨있기 때문. 또한 영원히 함께할거라는 다짐과 약속이 선명하게 드러나기 때문이다


여태 공개 된 티져도 그렇고 Come on Baby 진짜 설레고 마음에 들어요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ




[COME ON BABY / I love this title. Because this phrase is simple and I think "COME ON BABY" meets this album's concept well. ]


Brave Ardor Person / Brave 두려워하지 않는 Ardor 열정적인 Person 사람 B.A.P가 어떤것도 두려워 하지 않고 열정적인 사람이기때문에


Kings/ Again, the boys are KINGS.


Gold/ An addition to the color series and to symbolize a crown, because our boys are KINGS.


This comment has been deleted


The strongest B.A.P 최강의 B.A.P


[ BEYOND B. ] 최고(BEST) 그 이상, 아름다움(BEAUTY) 그 이상, 비에이피(B.A.P) 그 이상, 베이비(BABY)들의 상상 그 이상. 그래서, BEYOND B.

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