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#17_THE Winners of B.A.P Polaroid Event
* Per a luckiest winner, ONE polaroid of a RANDOMLY selected member will be shipped with other tangible rewards after the project is closed. * The 12 luckiest receivers are randomly drawn among the group of participants enrolled in this event from May 16th to June 9th.
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Congrats to all the lucky winners!!


congrats to all the lucky winners ^^

vice criminal

Congrats to the winners!! But I'm so sad I didn't win, lol, is it greedy to hope the next event is more polaroids given out, getting a signed B.A.P polaroid is the dream Q___Q


I feel you so much!!! I wish there were more polaroids 😭 But I can't complain since I already have a B.A.P polaroid from a very previous era. I wanted to give one to a friend TT I really hope you can get one soon <3


Congrats to the winners! ❤️🎉


Congratz babyz!


Congrats to all winners 👏😊


Congrats to the winners 🎉🎉 Unfortunately I didn't win but I'm sure you guess will cherish the polaroids so much 💖

If you want to join the project?
If you want to join the project?