ASTRO 2ND FULL ALBUM [All Yours] Pre-Order

CreatorFantagio Music

ASTRO 2ND FULL ALBUM [All Yours] Pre-Order

ASTRO 2ND FULL ALBUM [All Yours] Pre-Order

CreatorFantagio Music

3/22/2021 ~4/4/2021

Participate in ASTRO 2ND FULL ALBUM [All Yours] pre-order, who are back with a more mature look!

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ASTRO who not only have a wider musical spectrum,

but also have matured fullest!

They made their comeback with 2ND FULL ALBUM [ALL YOURS] in 2 years and 3 months!




[Album information] 

ASTRO 2nd FULL album [All Yours], like a gift to AROHA!

ASTRO have returned with their 2nd full album [All Yours], after two years and three months. The 2nd full album [All Yours] is the 2nd 'All' series following the 1st full album [All Light], which means that everything in ASTRO belongs to AROHA.

This full album, which fans would have waited for, contained ASTRO's lavish sincerity. This album, which is filled with a total of 10 songs in various genres, including the title song 'ONE', especially various self-composed songs by members MJ, JinJin, and Rocky, stimulates your curiosity.

You can look forward to seeing how ASTRO, who celebrate their 5th anniversary this year, will show different charms than before through this album, which is interpreted not only by their expanded musical spectrum but also by their own colors of members who have matured.




1.YOU ver.
2. ME ver.
3. US ver.



[Product Configuration]

-Package Cover: 3 Versions / 165mm x 215mm x 29mm

-Photobook: 3 Versions / 104p /150mm x 210mm x 8mm

-Digipak Cover: 3 Versions / 150mm x 210mm x 6mm

-CD: 3 Versions

-Accordion Postcard: 3 Versions / 6p / 100mm x 150mm

-Message Card: 3 Versions / 55mm x 85mm / 1 Out of 6 Random

-Photocard: 3 Versions / 55mm x 85mm / 2 Out of 12 Random

-Folded Poster: 3 Versions / 420mm x 300mm

-Poster (Pre-Order Only): 3 Versions / 525mm x 770mm




[Track Information]


01. Dear my universe

[Written by: Park Woo Sang, Rap Making: JINJIN, ROCKY / Composed by: Park Woo Sang, SKINNER BOX / Arranged by: Park Woo Sang, SKINNER BOX]

It is a medium tempo pop song with ASTRO's message to fans. The melody, consisting of attractive synth sounds and drums, makes the members' sweet voices stand out even more, so you can feel ASTRO's more mature vocals.


02. Butterfly Effect

[Written by: Hwang Yu Bin, Rap Making: JINJIN / Composed by: $UN, ROYAL DIVE / Arranged by ROYAL DIVE]

It is a pop dance song with a future sound based on groovy beats and synths. ASTRO's flapping out wings toward dreams and futures are expressed in figurative lyrics.


03. ONE

[Written: Ellie Suh(153/Joombas), Lee Jaeni(153/Joombas), Val Del Prete(153/Joombas), JJ Evans, Rap Making: JINJIN, ROCKY / Composed by: Val Del Prete(153/Joombas), JJ Evans, Willie Weeks / Arranged by: Willie Weeks]

It is an electronic dance song that combines the trap and R&B genre with the powerful electronic sound, and talented overseas composers who are actively working on K-pop artists participated to improve the completion of the song. The lyrics contain a message saying, "Let's become ONE with a precious person and be together forever at the most briliant moment like a starlight." ASTRO's refreshing mood music is added with energetic and intense colors, giving it another charm.


04. Someone Else
[Written by: PENOMECO, DAMIAN / Composed by: Flow Blow, Louise Frick Sveen, Albin Nordqvist / Arranged by: Flow Blow]

The song is a combination of three members, MJ, JINJIN, and MOONBIN, creating a new synergy. It adds fun to the song with a soft acoustic sound that combines the ear-catching hip-hop sound with a strong future base from the beginning.


05. SNS

[Written by: ROYAL DIVE, JOMALXNE, iHwak, Rap Making: ROCKY / Composed by: ROYAL DIVE, JOMALXNE, iHwak / Arranged by: ROYAL DIVE]

It is another unit song with a new composition with Cha Eun Woo, ROCKY and Yoon San Ha, and it is an attractive R&B song with a minimal sound and catchy melody. The lyrics feature the romantic voices of the three members, and show themselves dating and talking to their loved ones in their busy daily lives.


06. All Good

[Written by JINJIN, Kim Chan(Flying Lab), Chaoruda(Flying Lab), Joo Seo Jin(Flying Lab), Sam Carter, Rap Making: JINJIN, ROCKY / Composed by JINJIN, Sam Carter, Nomasgood / Arranged by Nomasgood]

It is a song that features a cheerful whistle and a pop-style dance rhythm. JINJIN, the leader of ASTRO, participated in composing and producing, further enhancing ASTRO's charm. The emotional and refreshing vocals of the members signal the start of spring.


07. All Stars

[Written by Hwang Eun Bit(Flying Lab), Hwa Im Hyun(Flying Lab), ZUPITER(Flying Lab), Oh Ye Jin(Flying Lab), Jung Chae Yeon(Flying lab), Rap Making: JINJIN, ROCKY / Composed by: THE PROOF, Harold Philipon / Arranged by: THE PROF]

It's an attractive dance song with the bright and exciting guitar riffs which are attractive. The lyrics contain a hopeful message to many young people who are going through difficult times.


08. Our Spring

[Written by: ROCKY, OBROS, Nomasgood, Rap Making: JINJIN, ROCKY / Composed by: ROCKY, OBROS, Nomasgood / Arranged by: OBROS, Nomasgood, ROCKY]

It is a future-based song that combines warm guitar sounds and vocals to feel the warmth of spring. It tells the story of two people who are worried that their time with their loved ones will eventually end so short like spring, which is a season that makes them feel excited and happy but short. ROCKY, a member of ASTRO, produced the song from the concept to the lyrics and lyricalized ASTRO's own color.


09. Stardust

[Written by: Rick Bridges (X&), Kiggen (X&), Rap Making: JINJIN, ROCKY / Composed by: Kiggen (X&), Rick Bridges (X&) / Arranged by: Kiggen (X&), Rick Bridges (X&)]

It is a ballad song with a calm piano, warm stringed instruments, and a sweet melody filled with only vocals. The lyrics add to the emotion that 'I get hope and rest from someone who has become a warm light for me who has wandered in the distant darkness.' It captures the moment when hope and loneliness intersect with just the voices of ASTRO members.


10. gemini

[Written by: MJ, Park Sang Min, SAMIN, Rap Making: JINJIN, ROCKY / Composed by: MJ, Park Sang Min, SAMIN / Arranged by: SAMIN, Park Sang Min, MJ]

“ASTRO, and AROHA. 'Gemini', which always shines in each other's place with the warm starlight.’”

MJ, a member of ASTRO, participated in writing, composing, and arranging the song, adding a hopeful feeling to the increasing composition of instruments, build-up through the chorus, and the prelude to the chorus part. It is a song that MJ with other members give as a present to AROHA, who always stay in the same place and waits like twins (gemini) who shine on each other, with grateful hearts.



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