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    • ASTRO Very First Photobook Project

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  • 별들이기때문에2 years ago

    제가 메이킹영상을 다운 받은 usb를 잃어버려서 그런데 다시 보내주실 수 있을까요?

    -2 years ago

    Hi I can't download video

    ichiniz2 years ago

    Hi! I was so busy with homework and stuff and didnt know the video making was released. Also, the email I got from Makestar was in my spam box so I didnt notice before and now that I tried to download it, it says its no longer available. What can I do now? Help me please! :(

    Nane2 years ago

    Hello, I have a problem I can't download the video of Astro making the photobook. I don't if the link is broken or something else but I tried thrice and it still doesn't work ! Help me out please !

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