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    • Argon Debut Support Project

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  • 리지리지27 days ago

    ‪Who got JaeUn’s clothe?‬ ‪Could we exchange it?‬😭😭😭

    Vinii2 months ago

    How long does preparing the rewards usually take? I've never contributed to a Makestar project before ;-; I'm sorry if I sounded rude I'm genuinely curious

    GalaxyTiger3 months ago

    Wait does this end on the 15th or the 14th? I get paid on the 15th which is why I was waiting but I checked today and it seems like its ending tomorrow??

    14u.only.u4 months ago

    i am so sad i dont think i ca paricipate i get paid the 15th of february in the USA EST and the project ends the 15th....

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