Ailee [I'm] Comeback Project


Ailee [I'm] Comeback Project

Ailee [I'm] Comeback Project


10/6/2020 ~10/25/2020

Let's cheer for Ailee's 5th mini album [I'm] comeback on MAKESTAR and look forward to the chance to win the video call event and get the signed album!

Limited period
This is "LImited Pre-order" project only for MAKESTAR that will be rewarded to all project participants after closing the project.
  • Time RemainingClosed
  • Estimated delivery dateTBA
Project statusReward shipping start

Guide to the extension of AILEE [I'm] Comeback Support Project

AILEE Video Call Event <I'm your friend> has been confirmed Wednesday, October 28th. The end date of the AILEE [I'm] Comeback Support Project has been changed from October, 19th (Mon) to October, 25th (Monday) to repay the support of the fans who are interested in it. The artist is also excited about the special opportunity to communicate with the fans. We ask for your support. Thank you.

The sales data you purchased through this project will be 100% reflected in Hanteo Chart, Gaon Chart and Music Bank Chart sales figures, both online and offline.


The number of albums you purchased through this project until  October 12th will be reflected in the initial sales volume.

Initial sales: 7 days after album release


 If the rewards are sold out early, the project may be terminated.




Among those who purchase Ailee's [I'm] album on this project page and leave a link to share Ailee's 'I'm' comeback support project in the cheering message, 5 people will be selected by a draw and given the Ailee's signed Polaroid photo!



How to participate in the PR Event

①Participate in the <Ailee's 'I'm' Comeback Support Project> 

② Share the news about <Ailee's 'I'm' Comeback Support Project> on online communities such as your SNS, Cafe, Open Chat

③ Certify your PR on project 'cheering message'


Standard of cheering message

[Ailee] - What you want to say to Ailee + SNS Sharing Link

Example: [Ailee] - Congratulations on your comeback!!
>> Video call event sharing link


Event participation period: until 23:59 on Oct.25th, 2020 (KST)

Announcement of Winners: 6PM on Oct.26th, 2020 (KST), you can check the notice on the Project Page (The prize will be shipped along with the album you purchased)






Ailee's 5th mini album [I'm]


This album [I'm], sung sincerely by Ailee, tells the first of three stories about how an immature, who is not filled with any color, slowly finds perfect herself.


Don't miss the opportunity to have the signed album and watch Ailee's comeback more closely than anyone else with the video call event.😊



🌟MAKESTAR Special Features


5 people among the participants of this project who purchase the SET 3 will be selected by a draw and given the opportunity to participate in the video call event <I'm your friend>. 



The number of winners
👉5 people

Event Participation Period
👉From October 6th to October 25th, 23:59 (KST)

Event Schedule
👉Oct. 28th, 2020
*Details of the artist's schedule will be announced after consultation (individual information to winners only)
*It is subject to change depending on the artist schedule.

How to apply 
👉Within the project period, 5 people will be selected by a draw among those who purchase SET3 and will be given the opportunity to participate in the video call event <I'm your friend> with Ailee.

* For those who purchase the SET 3, they have one chance to apply for the event per each set.
* The number of entries is not related to the number of orders, and you can apply for the total number of sets you purchased within this project.
* You can apply for the event only on orders that have been completed for payment.

Announcement of the Winners
October 26th, 2020, 6 PM on MAKESTAR website



If there is a missing or damaged product, additional delivery or replacement is possible only for those who have sent a photo as a proof or unboxing video to MAKESTAR within a week of receipt of the product.


-Photo: attach the photo in 1:1 inquiry

-Video: After sending it to, and ask through 1:1 inquiry

*If 7 days have passed since you received the product (based on the tracking of the invoice), or if the photo or video is not attached, additional delivery or exchange is not possible. Please note this in advance as this will be the same even if you use the shipping agency.

Ailee [I'm] Comeback Project Reward Introduction

Press the card of the Reward so that able to sample image and details of reward.



  • 1. StarMaker certificate (Digital)


  • 1. StarMaker certificate (Digital)
  • 2. Mini poster SET (2 types)
  • 3. Unreleased Photo Card Set (2 types)


  • 1. StarMaker certificate (Digital)
  • 2. Mini poster SET (2 types)
  • 3. Unreleased Photo Card Set (2 types)
  • 4. Handwritten-sigend album
  • * Included Applying Coupon for Video call EVENT x1