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#9_Congrats Conquering 300%! Late-Night-Snacks delivered!
Thanks to worldwide CHOICE's enthusiastic participation!! A.C.E members were treated with the Late-Night-Snacks! The menu of A.C.E's choice was... of course, their favorite Fried Chicken!! A.C.E members exhaused from busy schedules had chickens of three different flavors, shared some personal tastes about Korean chicken franchise brands (Dear. advertisers, are you all watching?) & played games to choose a member to clean up after Mukbang!!! Check out A.C.E's adorable Mukbang ((VIDEO)) today!!
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LOL CUTIES! I want to eat chicken with them 😻 hahaha I love you A.C.E. 😽

nimita hapsari

That last game.. HILARIOUS 😆

뮬 초

ㅠㅠ치킨 뜯는게 이리 귀여워도 되나여ㅠㅠ?에이스 치킨길걷자ㅏ🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗💕

Marie Engel

😂😂 lol i wish this would have been done with b.a.p too!




귀여!!잘 먹는데 1인1닭 주지😂😂진짜 순식간에 사라져ㅋㅋ



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If you want to join the project?