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    • 24K Album Project

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  • TadaChi2 years ago

    I was so happy to get my 24K album today! The Hui polaroid is perfect !! ^^ ...Except the album was very poorly packaged so it arrived damaged (the front page of the photobook was ripped) and the photocard arrived completely bent. I'm very disappointed in the lack of safe packaging by makestar - they should take better care when packaging albums, especially since they're being sent to the other side of the world :/

    Kiera2 years ago

    Thank you for doing the 24k project! i received all my rewards in the mail in great condition so thank you! I recently got to see them at their fanmeeting tour in london, getting to meet them in person was so much fun, they really are great guys :) hope you can do another project with them! i'm sure it'll be even more successful :)

    Binnie2 years ago

    Where is our certificate please???

    Jessicaamk2 years ago

    Did anyone get their digital producer fee certificate? Everytime I open the digital file it's only the video

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