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    • 24K 1st Album Project

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  • Lunah2 years ago

    Amei eles merecem muito ganhar pois são muito talentosos, espero que ganhem esta oportunidade

    Fallwyn2 years ago

    I'm seeing all these comments from people not getting what they ordered. I'm pretty confused too -- I went with set 3 ($44.90) and I know the payment went through and everything worked. I remember it working. And when I got my hands on a regular copy of the album I saw my name (not my username, my real name) IS listed in the honorary credit page. However I've received nothing and my pledge history says I've done nothing. Unless somehow my memories are false AND there's somebody with my exact full name who also pledged to this same project, something got messed up here. That said, I do see a lot of usernames in the honorary credit list, so if my name was on there, would it end up being my username and not my real name (which is on my profile)??? But then that would mean there's somebody else with the exact same name too... Not impossible, but.... weird I guess? Especially when I know I DID pay. I'm glad to donate to 24K, but it would be nice to also receive what I ordered, you know?

    nissa_mcrmy2 years ago

    My calligraphy is different from what i wrote. TT

    Anna ^^2 years ago

    I recieved it today ^^ I'm so happy, it came signed and with photocards. This album is really good, I'm glad I took part in this project ♡ Thank you :)

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