PRETTY CURE 15th Anniversary in Korea Project


PRETTY CURE 15th Anniversary in Korea ProjectAnimation

PRETTY CURE 15th Anniversary in Korea Project


11/13/2020 ~12/13/2020

15 years after 2005, the PRETTY CURE series is still loved by many animation fans! The first work of the PRETTY CURE series! We open a special project to celebrate the 15th anniversary of PRETTY CURE Korea!

Funding GoalUS$8,963.35
This is an "All or Nothing" project that will be rewarded to project participants when 100% of the project is achieved.
If it is not reached 100%, the participating amount will be refunded and also you won't get any reward.
  • Time RemainingClosed
  • Estimated delivery dateTBA
  • Star Makers362
Project statusDelivery Completed

 ※ PRETTY CURE 15th Anniversary in Korea Project is only available in Korea.


The first PRETTY CURE series to show the existence of the character "PRETTY CURE", for the first time with a unique style that was not found in existing animations at the time of its airing in 2005!





To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the airing in Korea, we have prepared the 15th anniversary goods that can only be seen through the collaboration event between MAKESTAR and DAEWON Media for the fans who love the PRETTY CURE,


and a special event with 1st voice actors of PRETTY CURE.




Earlybird Event

First 50 purchasers will be given the limited edition poster with the handwritten autographs of voice actor Jung Mi Sook & Park Sorato celebrate the 15th anniversary!



PR Event

Announce the PRTTY CURE 15th Anniversary Project,

and get the opportunity to meet with the PRETTY CURE voice actors!


Promoting is essential so that many PRETTY CURE fans can participate in the project♡

 Among those who participated in the PR Event, 10 people will be selected by a draw and given a chance to have a video call with PRETTY CURE voice actor Cure Black Jung Mi Sook & Cure White Park Sora!



<<How to participate in the event>>

① Share the news about the <PRETTY CURE 15th Anniversary in Korea Project> on online communities such as your SNS, Cafe, Open chatroom, and etc.

② Certify the promotion in the project 'cheering message'. (URL or screenshot)

③ Participate in the <PRETTY CURE 15th Anniversary in Korea Project> after the project is opened.


<<Event participation Period>>

From November 6th to December 13th, 2020


<<Announcement of Winners>>

On December 14th, you can check the notice in project page.

※ The event is available when the funding is achieved.



<<PRETTY CURE 15th Anniversary in Korea Project Rewards>>

You can meet only at MAKESTAR x DAEWON Media Collaboration Project.



PRETTY CURE StarMaker Certificate (Digital)



[15th Anniversary Limited Edition] PRETTY CURE Desk Pad

 - Product size: 800x300mm

- From 'Futari Wa PRETTY CURE~ to Maho girls PRETTY CURE'! This is the 15th anniversary limited-edition desk pad with a collection of PRETTY CURE designs from 13 of the previous PRETTY CURE series!😍



[15th Anniversary Limited Edition] PRETTY CURE Diary



- Product size: 105x170mm

- Composition and feature: Total 176P

- Product feature:

⭐ 4 types of paper cover (1 set): All 4 sets are included and can be replaced with the paper cover you want.

⭐ Inner paper 1 (Monthly) 24P: Design using PRETTY CURE animation best scenes

⭐ Inner paper 2 (Grid) 80P: Design using Maple, Miple, and Cardcure

⭐ Inner paper 3 (Blue) 33P: PRETTY CURE Diary inner paper design

⭐ Inner paper 4 (pink) 33P: PRETTY CURE Diary inner paper design



[15th Anniversary Limited Edition] PRETTY CURE Sticker


- Product size: 200x140mm

- The only set of two stickers in the world with the 15th anniversary artwork of PRETTY CURE! It's a full hologram, so it's worth it to have it! Don't ever miss it.  💖



[15th Anniversary Limited Edition] PRETTY CURE Acrylic Keyring

 - PRETTY CURE Acrylic Keyring, Futari Wa PRETTY CURE with 15th anniversary artwork!

⭐ This is the only key ring that will make you shine anytime, anywhere.💕



[15th Anniversary Limited Edition] PPRETTY CURE Holographic Postcard Set (13 types)

 - 13 kinds of postcards, consisting of 13 PRETTY CURE works, from the Futari Wa PRETTY CURE to Maho girls PRETTY CURE! Keep a shiny hologram postcard! 🌟

- Number of series aired in Korea: 13 works

- Number of PRETTY CURE: 44




💖 PROCESS from Funding to Delivery 🚚

 - MAKESTAR Limited Rewards go into production immediately after the end of the funding when the production quantity is confirmed.



This project can be ordered up to December 13th, 2020.



We confirm the quantity right after the end of the project, and the production of the MAKESTAR Limited Rewards (including privileges) is started.



Shipping Starts.

*The delivery schedule may vary depending on the production period and situation, and progress will be notified from time to time.



If there is a missing or damaged product, additional delivery or replacement is possible only for those who have sent a photo as a proof or unboxing video to MAKESTAR within a week of receipt of the product.


-Photo: attach the photo in 1:1 inquiry

-Video: After sending it to, and ask through 1:1 inquiry

*If 7 days have passed since you received the product (based on the tracking of the invoice), or if the photo or video is not attached, additional delivery or exchange is not possible. Please note this in advance as this will be the same even if you use the shipping agency.


Free pledge

  • Please fund your chosen amount in lieu of the success of your artist's project.
  • (Freely enter any amount you would like to pledge to the project. This method does not include a reward.)