2PM Limited edition phonecase

CreatorJYP Entertainment

2PM Limited edition phonecaseMerchandise

2PM Limited edition phonecase

CreatorJYP Entertainment

10/14/2015 ~2/15/2016

Don't miss this once in a lifetime chance to get your hands on a limited edition 2PM phone case!

Funding GoalUS$2,538.07
This is a "Keep It All" project will proceed regardless of the achievement rate.
Even if do not reach 100% within the remaining time, the project will proceed and reward will be sent.
  • Time RemainingClosed
  • Estimated delivery dateTBA
  • Star Makers103
Project statusDelivery Completed

List of Rewards Set


  • - one 2pm smartphone case

* All type of rewards will begin production after project is finished.

*Digital reward can be downloaded by yourself after the project is finished.
- How to download: MAKESTAR Login> [Pledge history]> [Digital reward]
-You will be received alarm via e-mail or notice after the upload digital reward.

*The name of Starmaker Certificate and the named Reward will be based on the 'StarMaker Name'.
(Order name is for shipping and event entrance check, and is not applied for Reward items.)