SBS <Taxi Driver> OST album Pre-order

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SBS <Taxi Driver> OST album Pre-order

SBS <Taxi Driver> OST album Pre-order

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5/28/2021 ~6/7/2021

"Okay with just a phone call in the society where justice is missing." Let's keep the OST album of a private revenge drama <Taxi Driver>, where the veiled taxi company 'Rainbow Transportation' and taxi driver Kim Do Ki complete revenge on behalf of victims who are resentful!

Limited period
This is a "Pre-order project" that will be rewarded to all project participants after closing the project.
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This is a preorder product and will be shipped sequentially after June 8th.



PR Event

<Promote the <Taxi Driver> OST album and GET the 'Taxi Driver' official goods!
5 people will be drawn among those who participate in the pre-order as well as the PR event and we will give them a tumbler with the 'Taxi Driver' logo printed.


※'Taxi Driver' Logo Printed Tumbler is an official goods of SBS drama <Taxi Driver> and a donation event product that donates all of its sales profits in addition to the Korean Crime Victim Support Association. MAKESTAR purchases the product and presents it as a promotional event prize in order to participate in donations with good intentions and inform the drama fans of the news.

※The winner will be presented with MYBEVI Quatro Canteen 290 ml Sunny Yellow + 1 set of specially produced stickers that include the signature logo, image, and famous line calligraphy of the 'Taxi Driver'.


▶How to participate in the event

① Participate in <Taxi Driver> OST album Pre-order.
② Share the news of <Taxi Driver> OST album Pre-order on online communities such as SNS, cafes, open chatting, etc.
③ Certify the promotion to 'Cheering message' menu in project


▶Event participation period: From May 28th to June 7th
▶Announcement of the winners: After 1PM on June 8th, you can check the notice on this project page




Casting Lee Jae Hoon, Lee Som, Kim Eu Seong, Pyo Ye Jin, and Cha Ji Yeon!

Revenge agent Ser~vice <Taxi Driver>


SBS drama <Taxi Driver> is a private revenge service drama in which a veiled taxi company 'Rainbow Transport' and taxi driver Kim Do Ki (Lee Jae Hoon) complete revenge on behalf of a resentful victim, and is based on a popular webtoon of the same name.



The actors' solid acting skills, a dramatic turn, and episodes based on real events made headlines every episode as a medium to sympathize with the pain of crime victims and their families.



Also, it adds immersion to the drama by releasing a highly complete OST with the participation of famous singers such as YB, Kwak Jin Eon, and Simon Dominic, as well as the actors Pyo Ye Jin and Cha Ji Yeon.


💿OST Album Configuration

- Package box

- 2CD (7 songs + 25 score songs)

- Photo book (52p)

- Postcard Set (8 types)

- Photo card (random out of 4 types)

- Sticker

- Pin button Set (4 types)

- Masking Tape (random out of 6 types)







Part.2 Kwak Jin Eon(곽진언) _ A Gloomy Letter(우울한 편지)

Part.3 Pyo Ye Jin(표예진) - A Walk(산책)

Part.4 Cha Ji Yeon(차지연) - All Day

Part.5 Simon Dominic(사이먼 도미닉) _ RUN AWAY

Part.6 Sanha(산하) - Moon Light(달빛)

Part.7 Yoon Do Hyun(윤도현) - Way Home(귀로)


7 songs + 25 score songs



Watch the OST M/V


[MV] YB _ SILENCE(Taxi Driver OST Part.1)


[MV] Pyo Ye Jin - A Walk (Taxi Driver OST Part.3)


[MV] Cha Ji Yeon - All Day (Taxi Driver OST Part.4)


[MV] Simon Dominic _ RUN AWAY (Taxi Driver OST Part.5)



PROCESS from Participation in Pre-Order to Delivery🚚


Order period
From May 28th to June 7th, 2021

Worldwide Delivery Starts

 *Delivery may be delayed due to a flood of orders.


※We will inform you of the schedule and other changes later on the project page.

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SBS <Taxi Driver> OST album Pre-order Reward Introduction

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