MBC Drama <Find Me In Your Memory> Official OST album exclusive Preorder


MBC Drama <Find Me In Your Memory> Official OST album exclusive Preorder

MBC Drama <Find Me In Your Memory> Official OST album exclusive Preorder


5/13/2020 ~6/3/2020

Be together. Remember. Love. 'Jeong Hoon', a man who remembers forever and 'Hajin', a woman who forgets to live, <Find Me In Your Memory> the romance of overcoming wounds of two men and women who have suffered the same heartache on memory.

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Announce the winners of the <Find Me In Your Memory> OST album Preorder PR event

Hello, this is editor Amy. Thanks to your support, so many people participated in the <Find Me In Your Memory> OST Preoder PR Event. We will announce the winners of the PR event. Congratulations to all 10 of you who won the OST album with actor's handwritten autograph. ▷기억커플 ▷버서시 ▷그럼피 ▷miney86 ▷Noor Eliyani ▷IRENE.L ▷ryukallen8 ▷汤姆希林 ▷♥♥앵커님♥♥ ▷JH정훈도리 Please kindly check the name of the StarMaker. If you have won the prize, please kindly send us the shipping information to receive the prize by Jun 7th (Sun) via 1:1 inquiry. The actor's signature is random delivery. We'll make sure to send your love and support to the actors. Thank you again.


 Tell the news about the preorder and get one more OST album with actor's handwritten autograph! 

Please don't let anyone be sad because they don't know about the preorder of <Find Me In Your Memory> official OST album!  
We will draw 10 people who participate in promotion event as well as preorder,
and send them one more OST album with the actor's handwritten autograph as a gift.



How to participate in the event 

① Participate in preorder SET2 of <Find Me In Your Memory> OST album 

② Share the news of <Find Me In Your Memory - official OST album Preorder> on online communities such as your SNS, Cafes, and open chat room, and so on.

③ Certify the promotion on the project 'Cheering Message' 

Event participation period

From May 13th, 2020 to May 22nd, 2020 (KST) 


Announcement of the winners

5PM on Jun 2nd, 2020 (KST) You can check the announcement on the project page.



About Project



Hello, this is editor Amy.

The drama introduced in this project is MBC <Find Me In Your Memory>.


The drama is about a man with an unforgettable disease called 'Hypermemory syndrome', and about all of us who are sometimes distressed by unforgettable memories and sometimes suffering from forgotten memories.




Kim Dong Wook's acting as a News Anchor 'Lee Jeong Hoon' with Hypermemory syndrome in the drama is really great. I was able to immerse myself in the Jeong Hoon's painful life and inner conflict since he remembers everything. In particular, the main point for watching for me was to rediscover the actor Kim Dong Wook's acting in melodrama.




Moon Ga Young, who played the rising star 'Yeo Ha Jin', was also fun to watch. Do you remember the scene where she wore a strong red suit from the news desk? Isn't that the standard of women's suits? (TMI: I ordered a red suit because I thought it could be this stylish and pretty, but I returned it right away with a vote for 'Yes or No' from my friends who saw my selfie with the outfit...)



Sensuous directing also contributed to the drama's immersion,

and if pick the Best 3 scenes in my mind...

Do you remember the scene where Jeong Hoon and Ha Jin chatted at the cafe in the 8th episode, and the background color of blue and yellow all turned yellow and turned warm? Jeong Hoon's emotion was changing and influenced by Ha Jin. I was amazed by the director's beautiful direction that Jeong Hoon's emotion was changing as his heart was colored by Ha Jin and thought that the director must have a lot of dating experiences.


From the moment he put down the blue box in the scene where Jeong Hoon held Ha Jin's hand on the rooftop in the 10th episode, my cheek bones were rising up and I screamed because my heart was fluttering when he kissed Ha Jin. Hehe


At the cherry blossom date scene in the 22nd episode, Jeong Hoon, who used to wear only dull colored clothes, appeared in a pink jacket when he started dating with Ha Jin, and I fell in love with full of emotions of the main characters.




Reward Details


<Find Me In Your Memory> I've already missed,
Last chance to remember with OST album!


Those of you who feel empty with the end of 'Find Me In Your Memory', please be happy! MAKESTAR has prepared a preorder for <Find Me In Your Memory> official OST album.   It is exclusive to MAKESTAR and the main poster is provided only for purchasers during the pre-order period. 



Reward Configuration

※The reward image above is just an example image to help you understand the reward, and the actual product may be different from the example image. 


1. OST album
(3-layers digital pack, 2CD, Inner pages 50 to 80p)


2. Main Poster 1 pc
(size:295*620, Folded poster)


3. Kim Dong Wook & Moon Ga Young, Memory Couple's best 4 cut photos x 2 types  

All participants of SET2 preorder will be given a total of 2 types by adding 1 more type of Memory couple's best 4 cuts.


4. StarMaker certificate (Digital)




Those of you who are too immersed in 'Memory couple' would have been able to empathy with each line of OST lyrics. My favorite song is JooYoung's 'Here We Are', which is crazy from the intro that starts with an acoustic guitar. The lyrics, "Will I who can't forget all the memories of hundreds of seasons and tens of thousands of days and you who have forgotten any pain and any happiniess ever smile again?" are about Jung Hoon and Ha Jin's true story, so I repeated the OST and cheered for them to be happy.


[Listen to again the <Find Me In Your Memory> OST]


The song <While The Memory Fall A Sleep> by Kang Seung Sik of VICTON is a dreamy pop ballad. It starts with an emotional piano intro and delivers a message calmly, which makes you feel warm and sad. Kang Seung Sik's detailed and rich vocals have improved the perfection of the song.


SURAN's <Two People> is a remake of 'Two People' sung by Sung Si Kyung, which is already familiar with us. SURAN's youthful voice brings back memories of our fresh days.


Yangpa's <A Memory In My Heart> is with her unique and powerful voice that immerse Jeong Hoon and Ha Jin in their lives with the heartache and pain of losing their precious people.


Solji's song <One Day> starts calmly, but it maximizes the emotional line of the drama with the mournful vocal from the last chorus.


JooYoung's <Here We Are> goes well with the acoustic guitar melody and JooYoung's dreamy tone.


Please make sure to watch the last episode of <Find Me In Your Memory>. I hope that our sadness about the last episode of <Find Me In Your Memory>, which is coming to an end and we miss it already, is comforted a little bit by keeping the OST album!

You know that, right? What is the end of fan life? Keep it! Hahaha



 <Find Me In Your Memory> official OST album is an exclusive preorder for MAKESTAR. 

 It is exclusive to MAKESTAR and posters are available only for those who purchase during the preorder period.

If you want to keep <Find Me In Your Memory> forever, don't miss this opportunity!




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From May.13. 2020 (Wed) to Jun.03. 2020.06.03 (Wed) (KST)



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  • 1. StarMaker certificate (Digital)


  • 1. StarMaker certificate (Digital)
  • 2. OST Album
  • 3. Main poster 1 pc
  • 4. Kim Dong Wook & Moon Ga Young, Memory couple's best photo 4 cuts x 2 types