JTBC Drama <Mystic Pop-up Bar> OST


JTBC Drama <Mystic Pop-up Bar> OST

JTBC Drama <Mystic Pop-up Bar> OST


6/26/2020 ~7/12/2020

Along with Hwang Jung Eum, Yook Sung Jae, and Choi Won Young's perfect chemistry in acting, let's meet the OST album of JTBC drama <Mystic Pop-up Bar>, which is responsible for Wednesday and Thursday nights for home viewers.

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JTBC Wed-Thu Drama <Mystic Pop-up Bar> Original Sound Track Released


Along with the perfect chemistry in acting of Hwang Jung Eum, Yook Sung Jae and Choi Won Young, we will meet the OST of JTBC drama <Mystic Pop-up Bar>, which is responsible for Wednesday and Thursday nights for home viewers.


In addition to the songs that Yook Sung Jae, who plays the role of Kang Bae in the drama, participated in the singing, the OSTs that further increased the immersion of <Mystic Pop-up Bar>, including Jung Jin Woo, who has been reborn as OST rising star with unique style of speech, Cho Hyun Ah, a member of Urban Zakapa, an unrivaled emotional group, and DMEANOR, who is drawing attention by trend setters from home and abroad.


In addition, a total of 18 songs, including a solid story that makes viewers cry and laugh, and a score track that follows, will leave a deep impression on the drama.


Based on a webtoon of the same title with a perfect score of 10, <Mystic Pop-up Bar> is a fantasy counseling drama in which a tough aunt of a mysterious pop-up bar and a pure young part-timer go into a customer's dream and resolve their deep sorrow.



Component Details

1CD (18 Tracks) + Lyrics & Photo Book (180*270) / 52p + photo cards 3 types+ sticker



OST Track List

02. Love Resembles Memories - YOOK SUNG JAE
03. I'll BE - BEN
04. When We Were Together - CHO HYUN AH
05. I’ll Take You To Tomorrow- DMEANOR
06. Between this world and the afterlife.
07. The Day
08. Dream Adventure
09. Here Comes Wol Joo
10. Transcendence
11. The Hell Sports Day
12. Mom, my mom
13. Sneak In
14. Horror Mart
15. Just the way we are
16. I Will Watch Over You
17. Into the Dream
18. The Hell Bugs



Enjoy the <Mystic Pop-up Bar> OST 


Part 1. 'Dive' - JUNG JIN WOO

It is a tropical house genre with a refined emotional melody and sound. The bubbly pluck sound and cheerful string arrangement give a hopeful and overwhelming feeling, and the exciting prelude and rich sound make the listeners relive their forgotten dreams.

Jung Jin Woo, from SBS <K-POP Star> season 5, participated in the singing, adding to the trendy mood.


Part 2. 'Love Resembles Memories' - YOOK SUNG JAE

It is an impressive song with lyrics that convey the affection for the loved one in a simple and pure way, reminding you of the nervousness and excitement of the clumsy first love. As if expressing his uncontrollable growing mind, the dramatic combination of melody and emotional lines in the second half added to the emotion, and Yook Sung Jae, who plays the role of Kang Bae, sang the OST to express more sincerity.


Part 3. 'I'll Be' - BEN

Hundreds of years later, it is still a beautiful melody that seems to represent the precious and sparkling heart of Wol Joo, who still misses the crown prince, recalling the memories of her past life.




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  • 1. Mystic Pop-up Bar OST
  • * 1CD (18 Tracks) + Lyrics & Photo Book (180*270) / 52p + photo cards 3 types+ sticker