NCT DREAM JENO's birthday celebration subway ad funding


NCT DREAM JENO's birthday celebration subway ad funding

NCT DREAM JENO's birthday celebration subway ad funding


2/25/2020 ~3/25/2020

Let's do subway ad funding together to celebrate Jeno's birthday which is April 23rd!

Funding GoalUS$2,542.98
This is an "All or Nothing" project that will be rewarded to project participants when 100% of the project is achieved.
  • Time RemainingClosed
  • Estimated delivery dateTBA
  • Star Makers14
Project statusCompleted


Hello, I'm NCT DREAM, JENO's fan, 'MisoJeno'.
I became a fan of him because he always smiles with his eyes and funny jokes which are my style!


Moreover, his outstanding dance skills are clearly shown in the group dance.
Unlike his nice and mild personality, his powerful dance moves break through the screen, and his unexpected charm explodes!

(▲source : naver x DISPATCH )


Get to the point! Jeno's birthday is comig soon, April 23rd! D-59.
To celebrate Jeno's birthday, I'm going to run a subway advertisement at Hongdae Station.

I'd like to invite people to celebrate Jeno's birthday because it's not a small advertising expense for me to do alone!


(▲Hongdae Station Digital Poster Ad / source: Google )


Celebrating Jeno's birthday with 'Digital Poster' advertisement in Hongdae as there are a large number of teens and 20s people I chose 'Hongdae Station' to let more people know and celebrate Jeno!


The birthday ad will run for about a month around April 23, Jeno's birthday.
*Apr.08. 2020 ~ May.07. 2020


Advertising Media: Digital poster at Hongdae Station
Advertising material: Jeno image file
Funding schedule: Feb.25(Tue). to Mar.25(Wed). 2020, for 30 days
Advertising schedule: *Apr.08. 2020 to May.07(Thu). 2020


The advertising cost for the digital poster at Hongdae Station, Line 2 in Seoul is 3 million KRW per month. and there's a 3.3% payment fee for PG company!


● The total advertising cost is 3 million KRW x 1.033% = 3,099,000 KRW (*VAT is included.)


I'm still a baby fan, so I couldn't take picture of him myself. T.T If you have a picture of Jeno smiling with his eyes, or a picture you'd like to post in an advertisement, please send it to me by below email address!

(It would be better if it's a beautiful photo that can make people who don't know Jeno very well become big fans!)


If you want, I will put your SNS account or nickname at the bottom of the advertisement (image file)!

*The above email address is provided from MAKESTAR and the images that you will send to the above email address will deliver to me.




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