• Limited Edition the SAEM X SEVENTEEN Lettering Lip Balm Set 2nd Pre-Order
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    • Limited Edition the SAEM X SEVENTEEN Lettering Lip Balm Set 2nd Pre-Order

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  • dreamstroue3 months ago

    The Lettering Lip Balm Set is so beautiful! So glad I decided to buy this!

    Softlin3 months ago

    I truly love the set so much! It leaves my lips extremely moisturized and it smells sooooo good~ This lip balm didn't disappoint me at all, it's worth the money I spent on it!

    Shannen10043 months ago

    Seventeen's Lettering Lip Balm Set makes me feel so happy and inspired! As someone whose lips get chapped easily, this lip balm set keeps my lips moisturized. I also love love love all the flavors. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    ๅฐ็Ž‰่ฅฟ็“œ3 months ago

    Everyday is happy day๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ“… with Seventeen Lettering Lip Balm๐Ÿ’„.

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How Precious Collection! Too Pretty to Use!

Think of SEVENTEEN and feel the moisturizing fragrance!


  the SAEM X SEVENTEEN Lettering Lip Balm Set Component  


1. Thirteen the SAEM X SEVENTEEN Lettering Lip Balm

(10ml x13ea)




(1 per member, Total 13)



3. Hardcover Case




SEVENTEEN Lettering Lip Balm+SEVENTEEN Photo Card SET

2018.12.12(Wed.) ~ 2018.02.07(Thr.)


Makestar Exclusive Sale!





   Product Features   






  Why do you have to make Pre-order Sale?  


When putting lip balm on dry lip, Makestar thought it would be nice to get warm to heart.

So each of the 13 members of SEVENTEEN wrote a message about their feelings for fans.



We can cut prime cost If put stickers on the product container, but if SEVENTEEN's face is damaged, it's upset, right?

The packaging container was made by printing it directly into the tube so the lip balm will not wear out.



We thought it would be nice to give a photo of the members printed on the product as a gift, so we made a photo card and put it together.

Use them as interior accessories for your own space, smartphone case decorating accessories, and more.



Since we promised to sell as a limited edition, we inform that it is difficult to proceed further extension with the same design after the 2nd pre-order sale.

If meet the minimum quantity for production early, will finish the Pre-Order sale faster than the scheduled deadline of 2019.02.07.

Upon early close of the project, shipment will also proceed faster than expected.




Thank you for sending passionate a bunch of requests to open the 2nd Pre-sale to Makestar after just finished the 1st sale.

The limited lip balm set made by the Saem and SEVENTEEN collaboration, you can only get through Makestar.

the Saem is Korea's flagship Eco- Cosmetics brand and a global brand in 22 countries around the world.)






PROCESS from Pre-order Sale to Delivery


   STEP.1 Pre-order sale (order and payment)

Orderable by 2019.02.07 (Thr.), Orders will not be available in the after the period.
Pre-order sales will be automatically closed when the target quantity reached.


   STEP.2 Produce the SAEM X SEVENTEEN Lettering Lip Balm Set


   STEP.3 Start delivery over the world




Limited edition the SAEM X SEVENTEEN lettering lip bam set 2nd Pre-order



1. Limited edition SEVENTEEN lettering lip balm set (13 lip balms + photocard SET)



Project period: 2018.12.12~2019.02.07
Estimated shipping date: After February 10, 2019

 Upon early close of the project, shipment will also proceed faster than expected.


  • Delivery charge may different on the destination country and selected method of delivery.
  • The expected delivery date is subject to change by the Creator. Any changes will be announced on the project page.
  • The reward items for this project are produced in accordance with the number of orders placed, so cancellation or refund due to pledger's remorse cannot be honored.