Pre-order Sale! BT21 Friends Duo Bluetooth Speaker & Figure


Pre-order Sale!   BT21 Friends Duo Bluetooth Speaker & FigureMD재생

Pre-order Sale! BT21 Friends Duo Bluetooth Speaker & Figure


12/28/2018 ~2/1/2019

BT21, the Best LINE FRIENDS Characters! BT21 Bluetooth Speakers & Figures ! World exclusive! Get them only through Makestar's pre-order project.

Exclusive pre-order
This is a "Pre-order project" that will be rewarded to all project participants after closing the project.
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   Product composition    

1 Speaker

Dedicated charging cable

Product Manual

1 Figure



   Product Specification    


Product Name   BT21 Friends Duo Bluetooth Speaker
Model Name   COOKY (LF-S150), VAN (LF-S160), CHIMMY (LF-S170), KOYA (LF-S180)
Rated voltage/power consumption   5V / 5W
Manufacturer / Importer   markT
Country of manufacture  China
Product Size

 CHIMMY: 86.49mm x 73.97mm x 110.1mm (245.2g)

 COOKEY: 72mm x 73.7mm x 137.59mm (249.5g)

 KOYA: 94.84mm x 94.84mm x 114.31mm (249.5g)

 VAN: 72.1mm x 73.56mm x 124.6mm (245.5g)

Usage time   Maximum battery usage time based on proper volume 13H
Quality assurance standards   Comply with relevant laws and consumer dispute resolution standards
The responsible company in repair and the telephone number   MAKESTAR 1:1 Inquiry
Principal components and materials   PC(polycarbonate)
Package Size / Weight Included   170*92*179  / 260g
List to check before purchasing   - Under 14 years old can not be used.
  - This product is different from AI speaker Clover.



   Precautions for Handling   
  • This product is not waterproof, so be careful not to get water in it and do not use it in humid conditions.
  • This product is not intended for children.
  • It is recommended to use a power supply adapter that has been formally certified (KC certified, etc.) for power connection. Use of unauthorized adapters may cause damage to the product or result in electric shock or fire.
  • Be careful not to allow foreign materials or sharp objects to come into product connector and hole.
  • Do not use in high-temperature environments, such as in the presence of thunder, heavy lightning, or inside cars during the summer.
  • If liquids spill, shock or smell, smoke, noise, or heat are generated from the product, stop using the product immediately and contact the customer center.
  • Do not disassemble, modify or repair products arbitrarily. Repair service will not be supported.
  • Do not throw batteries out of the fire when disposing of them.
  • Please read the product manual carefully before use.




World exclusive! Only get the set with Makestar preorder project.
BT21 Friends Duo Bluetooth Speaker & Figure!


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Will be shipped sequentially from February 11, 2019





Project period : 2018.12.28~ Sold Out
Estimated shipping date: 2019.02.11



  • Shipping charges will be charged separately according to the country-specific fare list for the selected delivery method.
  • Up to two sets of speakers & figures per order can be purchased with one account.