MAKESTAR 4th Anniversary Big Sale Part 1


MAKESTAR 4th Anniversary Big Sale Part 1

MAKESTAR 4th Anniversary Big Sale Part 1


12/5/2019 ~12/19/2019

Great Quality and Rare! MAKESTAR's Well-made Merch BIG Sale ♥

Limited period
This is a "Pre-order project" that will be rewarded to all project participants after closing the project.
  • Time RemainingClosed
  • Estimated delivery dateTBA
Project statusDelivery Completed
[Delayed Shipping Notice] Hello, this is MAKESTAR. First of all, thank you for participating in our 4th Anniversary Big Sale. We are writing to inform you that the date of shipment has been changed due to a surge in current orders. We are very sorry for the delay. We will ensure that all shipments are processed no later than next Friday (January 3rd). Sorry for the inconvenience once again. Thank you.

Please Note!

· All products are shipped once a week. (place an order this Monday~Sunday -> product shipped next Wednesday)
· The sale may be closed without notice when all products in stock at MAKESTAR are sold out.
· Please note that there is a limit to the number of items that can be purchased per order for more participants to enjoy the event. (1 photobook, and other items up to 2)


· BT21 Speaker will be available for sale from 11 AM KST on Friday, December 20th.





Celebrating MAKESTAR's 4th Anniversary -

MAKESTAR's Well-Made Merch!

Photobook/Talking Photocard/Toy Stamp Up to 60% Big Sale!





MAKESTAR that has grown with StarMakers' love and support

is about to celebrate its 4th anniversary. (On December 15th!)


Thank You!
We Appreciate It~

We Love You ♥ 



We prepared to reciprocate your neverending love for us..


🥰 4th Anniversary Sale & EVENT! 🥰



The first part of <the lowest prices in the universe> with

MAKESTAR's Well-made Merch!

We have BIG SALE on Photobook/Talking Photocard/Toy Stamp.




First: MAKESTAR Photobook!


Our photobook boasts huge page numbers and the highest quality with great theme and title as well a

s design!

You know all very well that MAKESTAR Photobooks are made with the help of StarMakers from the star

t to the end, right?

Neverending pages of your bias..... *tears of joy*


Experience the quality of the photobook you will never find elsewhere.



📦 APRIL / RAINBOW / DIA now in stock. ğŸ“¦






Next: Talking Photocard (TALK-PIC)!


Scan the photocard with an app and the photocard turns to a clip!

Does it only have images? NO! Is it just a clip with a photo taped on it?? NO NO!


Own a one-of-a-kind photocard, TALK-PIC!



📦 NU'EST W / YONGZOO now in stock. ğŸ“¦








Last but not least, Toy Stamp!


Assemble the paper toy with the members' characteristics and stamp it on the app screen! You can

see behind-the-scenes from the photobook shoots and undisclosed photos only available on MAKE




📦 EXID / ASTRO / APRIL now in stock. ğŸ“¦








 ğŸ”¥ Don't Hesitate! Participate! 🔥

The sale may be closed without notice when all products in stock at MAKESTAR are sold out.






MAKESTAR 4th Anniversary Big Sale Part 1 Reward Introduction

Press the card of the Reward so that able to sample image and details of reward.


MAKESTAR PhotobookUS$16.9

  • 1. MAKESTAR Photobook
  • * B.A.P / THE ROSE (out of stock) / ASTRO (out of stock) / EXID (out of stock) / MXM (out of stock) / Weki Meki / NU'EST W / Lovelyz / Jinyoung (B1A4) / APRIL / RAINBOW / DIA

Talking PhotocardUS$8.5

  • 1. Talking Photocard (TALK-PIC)
  • * THE ROSE (out of stock) / Lovelyz (out of stock) / NU'EST W / YONGZOO

Toy StampUS$10.6

  • 1. Toy Stamp
  • * Weki Meki (member random) / Jinyoung (B1A4) / EXID / ASTRO (member random) / APRIL (member random)