tvN <When My Love Blooms> OST Preorder


tvN <When My Love Blooms> OST Preorder

tvN <When My Love Blooms> OST Preorder


6/10/2020 ~6/24/2020

Yoo Ji Tae, Lee Bo Young, Park Jin Young (GOT7), and Jeon So Nee are the main characters! Retro-emotional melodrama <When My Love Blooms>

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Hello, this is editor Amy.

The drama that I introduce this time is tvN drama <When My Love Blooms>


After the beautiful first love, the two people, Jae Hyun (Yoo Ji Tae) and Ji Soo (Lee Bo Young), who met again after 26 years with everything changed, face themselves in the most brilliant days. It's like the last love letter.


<When My Love Blooms> shows the melo of mature adults and it makes us feel excited and nostalgic.


Interesting points we should focus on


Jae Hyun and Ji Soo are in their 40s and going back and forth from the past when they were in their 20s and each of them play a single role for two people. These are the interesting points. Because today in their 40s and the past in their 20s intersect, they come and go with a variety of emotional lines such as affection, experienced, freshness, etc.


I was immersed in Ji Soo and watched the drama. Thinking about what I would do if I were Ji Soo, what I would want my mom to do if she were in Ji Soo's situation, and what I would want my daughter to do if she were in Ji Soo's situation. I started to support Ji Soo's life itself after thinking about various situation.


"We still miss each other because we've never really broken up.

So let's say goodbye, a perfect say goodbye."

-Ji Soo-


"It's not because of feeling sorry, or regret or hope....

I want to protect you just like you did."

-Jae Hyun-


Introduction of the main characters


'Current' Jae Hyun (Yoo Ji Tae)

Son-in-law of the chairman of Hyung Sung Group, a handsome middle-aged businessman

With smartness, quick and bold decision, he continued his success since he joined the HyunSung group. In the past, he took part in the student movement to eliminate social injustice, but now he has become very bourgeois. The unfavorable public gaze of 'thanks to his wife, he is the servant in chaebol family' always follows him, and the obstinacy of the father-in-law, who uses JaeHyun, made him what he is now.

As the name, 'Yoon Ji-soo' which he has never forgotten for a single moment, appears, his life he endure is swaying. 


'Young' Jae Hyun (Park Jin Young)

Class of 1991, entered the department of law, Yeonhui University at the top

The president of the club 'The Philosophy Solidarity', 'The Film Revolution' and the society director of the student council. He is drawing attention as the most popular guy in the law school. He has established himself as a key member of the movement with his hot faith and cool judgment.

He is also attracted to Ji Soo, who says she's going to date her senior, but I don't want her to live without knowing the absurdities of the world and come into a dark world Jae Hyun is also attracted to Ji Soo, who goes straight to go out with him, but he wants Ji Soo to live without knowing the absurdities of the world and doesn't want her to come into a dark world.


'Current' Ji Soo (Lee Bo Young)

For a good son who studies hard by himself without a father, she is taking care of his father in a nursing home, earning a living by various part-time jobs such as mart casher, piano lesson, and playing the piano.

Ji Soo keeps wavering after she met Jae Hyun, who is Ji Soo's first love, she's never forgotten for 26 years, again.


'Young' Ji Soo (Jeon So Nee, /Ji Soo's younger days)

Class of 1993 in the music department of Piano at Yeonhui University

She was born from a rich background between the father who is a chief prosecutor and his mother who graduated from a music college. The conflict with his father is getting worse as she went to Yeonhui University, Music department, in defiance of his father's desire for her to go to Seoul National University's law school. She is an activist and a pure-minded person who directs herself to Jae Hyun with whom she fell in love at the first sight.



 The story of two people facing themselves in the most brilliant period of their lives, <When My Love Blooms>, 
 OST Preorder to amplify excitement and nostalgia! 


For those of you who have waited every weekend to see what changes will be made to Jae Hyun and Ji Soo's emotional lines, let's continue to support Jae Hyun and Ji Soo's life!


We have prepared the preorder for <When My Love Blooms> OST at MAKESTAR to help you clear up your sadness about ending of <When My Love Blooms>!

Component Details

1CD (13 Tracks) + Emotional envelope package + 32P photo book + Lyrics & Poster + Jae Hyun & Ji Soo Postcards (2 types) + Bookmark


<When My Love Blooms> OST Track List

01. The Season Like You - Jang Hye-jin
02. Fall in Love - Youngjae (GOT7), Choi Jung-yoon
03. Someday We Will Meet Again - klang
04. One day  - Kim Bum-soo
05. If You Just Love - Han Dong Geun
06. Huayang Lotus
07. Wooden Bench
08. A Promise
09. Even though you don't know,
10. Today's Book
11. Two of you.
12. Morning Mist
13. Reasons for Survival



Enjoy the <When My Love Blooms> OST M/V 


 Part 1. 'The Season Like You' - Jang Hye Jin  

<The Season Like You> is a song about a subtle and deep emotion that blooms again when expectations for a new emotion disappear after a love. It compares many emotions felt in a day to four seasons to express chaste and rich feelings. It maximizes the atmosphere of 'adult melodrama', with the feeling of pure first love between Jae Hyun and Ji Soo, heartbreaking separation, and affectionate reunion.


 Part 2.  'Fall in Love' - Youngjae(GOT7) & Choi Jung Yoon 

For Jin Young (GOT7), who plays the role of 'Young Jae Hyun' (Yoo Ji Tae's younger days), Youngjae(GOT7) has a strong support.

<Fall in Love> is a song that expresses the feelings of the two main characters gradually falling in love with each other after meeting for the first time. Youngjae and Choi Jung Yoon's fresh duet maximizes viewers' excitement.


 Part 3. 'Someday We Will Meet Again' - KLANG 

It is a remake of Yoon Sun Ae's original song released in 2005 and has been reborn with an atmosphere of ardent romance. It is a song that depicts past stories and misunderstandings of Jae Hyun and Ji Soo, longing, and reunion.


 Part 4. 'One Day' - Kim Bum Soo 

Singing by Kim Bum Soo, considered one of the best vocalists in Korea, <One Day> is a ballad song with a deep romantic atmosphere, and it makes us deeply moved by his calm and restrained vocals




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