JTBC <18 Again> OST

CreatorJTBC studio

JTBC <18 Again> OST

JTBC <18 Again> OST

CreatorJTBC studio

11/17/2020 ~11/30/2020

Sales of OST Special Album with a great lineup such as SOYOU, Solji, Sohyang and Yoon Sang Hyun

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Introduction of JTBC MON-TUE drama <18 Again> album

Release of OST special album with a great lineup such as SOYOU, Solji and Sohyang, and Yoon Sang Hyun


Kim Ha Neul, Yoon Sang Hyun, and Lee Do Hyun appeared. The special album of JTBC MON-TUE drama <18 Again> (directed by Ha Byung Hoon, written by Kim Do Yeon, Ahn Eun Bin, Choi Yi Ryun and produced by JTBC Studio) telling the story of her husband who returned to his best days which is 18 years ago just before the divorce and their second romance in their life with great love for the family will be released.

Starting with Part.1 SOYOU's 'The Only One', which has been a constant source of mournful emotion from the teaser to the drama, Part.2 Sohyang's 'Hello' which was inserted into every famous scene as the drama's representative OST, Part.3 Choi Nakta's 'If You' which is the theme song of Ye Ji Hoon (played by Wi Ha Joon), which gives you a pleasant feeling, and Part.4 Solji's 'One Person' which reveals the emotions of Dae Young (played by Yoon Sang Hyun) and Da Jeong (played by Kim Ha Neul)

In addition, Part.5 Sondia's 'How To Love', which is suitable for a fresh high-teen romance between Ji Ho (played by Choi Bo Min) and Si-Ah (played by Noh Jung Eun), Part.6 JukJae's 'Moments Make Memories' with appreciation for the people together, Part.7 Clara C's 'Somebody' which was frequently inserted into the epilogue that made viewers cry, and was flooded with inquiries, Part.8 Yoon Sang Hyun's 'If We Love Again' which was the talk of the town, sung by Yoon Sang Hyun in the 10th episode, Part.9 Every Single Day's 'First Time' where you can feel the excitement of your first love. The tracks that were loved by viewers and score tracks that maximized the mood and immersion of the play, so it is packed with a total of 42 songs.

The OST of <18 Again> is filled with high-quality masterpieces that leave a big echo in the hearts of viewers under the leadership of music director Moon Sung Nam, who has been greatly loved for working on music tracks for numerous hit dramas such as <Pasta>, <Because This Is My First Life>, and <What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?>.

<18 Again> was loved for giving laughter, excitement, tears, and emotion to the small screen.
The OST special album with the great lineup that doubled the emotion is expected to leave viewers with a deep echo and lingering imagery once again.



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 Track List


<DISC 1>
01. The Only One - SOYOU
02. Hello - Sohyang
03. If You - Choi Nakta
04. One Person - Solji
05. How To Love - Sondia
06. Moments Make Memories - JukJae
07. Somebody - Clara C
08. If We Love Again - Yoon Sang Hyun
09. First Time - Every Single Day

<DISC 2>
01. Be Courageous
02. Country Man
03. Burning 18
04. Rocking Cute
05. New Beginning
06. I Got A Dream
07. Guess Who
08. Be Loyal
09. First Time Eb
10. Generations
11. Daddy Strings
12. Heart Shaking
13. Reminiscence
14. Funny Bunny
15. Buddy
16. Fight Master
17. Somebody Lonely Gt.
18. Gamecraft
19. My Son Strings
20. When I Am With You
21. Thrash
22. Mismatch
23. Blue Mood
24. So Sweet
25. My Day
26. One More Chance
27. Somebody Gt. Happy
28. I Am
29. Morning
30. Too Late
31. Regret
32. Fight On
33. First Time Piano Comic


Watch the OST M/V


[MV] SOYOU - 'The Only One' <18 Again> OST Part.1 ♪


[MV] Sohyang - 'Hello' <18 Again> OST Part.2 ♪



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