tvN <It’s Okay To Not Be Okay> OST Preorder


tvN <It’s Okay To Not Be Okay> OST Preorder

tvN <It’s Okay To Not Be Okay> OST Preorder


8/5/2020 ~8/18/2020

Drama <It's Okay To Not Be Okay> that heals 'broken-hearted' adults.

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We will announce the winners of the PR event. Congratulations to all 10 of you who won the OST album with actor's handwritten autograph. ▶Rossettiwong ▷122355 ▶eunjjoo01 ▷DiorKim ▶Panhavatey ▷Bunniepig ▶갬개미 ▷AyumiCloud9 ▶EEILL21 ▷Puii언니 Please kindly check the name of the StarMaker. The actor's signature is random delivery. We'll make sure to send your love and support to the actors. Thank you again.


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▶Event participation period: From August 5th to August 18th, 2020 (KST)

▶Announcement of the winners: 5PM on August 20th, 2020 (KST), you can check the notice on this project page




I'm very sad that the end of the drama is coming, but I'm looking forward to the last episode,
so I keep the OST whenever I miss Kang Tae, Moon Young, and Sang Tae!!!


Reward Configuration


-DIGIPACK / 2CD (36 Tracks in total)




-PHOTO CARD 2ea (2 out of 6 random types)

-POSTER 1ea (One of the three random)

※Poster delivery and quantity information

-Domestic shipment: in paper tube, Overseas shipment: shipped as folded poster

-Posters in the same quantity as the OST album you purchase will be shipped.

ex) If you purchase SET2 x 1, two posters / if SET1 x 2, two posters/ if SET2 x 2, four posters will be shipped.



Track List

Part 1. You're Cold - Heize
Part 2. Breath) - Sam Kim
Part3. My Tale - Park One
Part4. In Your Time - Lee Soo Hyun
Part5. Hallelujah - Kim Feel
Part6. Little By Little - CHEEZE
Part7. Puzzle - YONGZOO




The drama I introduce in this project is, I thought it was a fantasy romantic comedy of handsome and kind Kang Tae and pretty and arrogant Moon Young, but it turned out to be a healing drama called tvN <It's Okay To Not Be Okay> that heals 'broken-hearted' adults.


Not only the main actors of this drama, but also the cast of other people around was perfect, right?


Kim Soo Hyun plays the role of Moon Kang Tae, a Psychiatric ward carer and a hard-working and dry life to take care of his autistic brother.

I still have the chilling first appearance of actress Seo Ye Ji, who plays the role of popular fairy tale writer Go Moon Young. "Mom, I want to be a pretty witch."

The pure acting of actor Oh Jung Se, who plays the role of autism spectrum (ASD), developmental disability level 3, but lovely Moon Sang Tae, is also touching.


Drama <It's Okay To Not Be Okay> tells everyone.

"You're fine enough as you are..."



OST M/V 감상


[M/V] Heize - You're Cold 


[M/V] YONGZOO - Puzzle





PROCESS from participating in preorder to delivery



Order period

From August 5th to August 18th, 2020 (KST)



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It will be shipped sequentially in August after the end of preorder


We will inform you of the schedule and other changes later on the project page.

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This project cannot be canceled or refunded. (However, except for the project failure or success but if the creator has not executed a reward within 12 months of project termination.)



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