SBS drama <Hyena> OST Album + Special Item Pre-Order


SBS drama <Hyena> OST Album + Special Item Pre-Order

SBS drama <Hyena> OST Album + Special Item Pre-Order


4/6/2020 ~4/19/2020

The drama is about a hyena-style survival story of 'PKB' lawyers, who bite and tear with the law in their heads and money in their hearts.MAKESTAR for the first time ever! Exclusive! <Hyena > OST Album + Special Item Pre-Order Sales!

Limited period
This is a "Pre-order project" that will be rewarded to all project participants after closing the project.
  • Time RemainingClosed
  • Estimated delivery dateTBA
Project statusDelivery Completed

[Notice] Cancellation of <Hyena> OST album release

Hello, this is MAKESTAR. We would like to announce the news about the release of the <Hyena> OST album from 'Danal Entertainment' which is the Hyena OST creator. We tried our best to repay your interest and support for the <Hyena> OST, but the release of OST album was finally canceled due to the production company's issue. So we will give a refund to all those who purchased the <Hyena> OST Photo book album in SET1, and we will give a partial refund only to those who purchased the Special SET and want a partial refund. (*The phone strap you ordered will be shipped as scheduled.) If you leave a 'full refund' or 'partial refund' request for the Special SET in 1:1 inquiry by 23:59 on May 3rd, then we will proceed with the refund from May 4th according to the details you left. We apologize for the disappointing news to all of you who participated in the <Hyena> OST album project and waited for a long time. We'll be more careful not to have such a long wait and this result in the future. Thank you.

Hyena. What comes to your mind?
A black, lacklustre hair, cunning and dirty being, stealing the prey of other beasts.



A true hyena, Jung Geum-ja, who can do anything for a goal and do anything

Yoon Hee-jae, a brilliant mind, top of the top class, who is full of confidence and pride in his ability in the legal profession.


The SBS drama <Hyena> OST Album, which has been the talk of the town with the highest viewer rating of 10.5% from the start, will be sold for the first time on MAKESTAR.



part2. BaekHyun - On The Road


part6. Jung Seunghwan - I Am You


part10. HAN SEUNGWOO(VICTON)- If we can't see (each other) from tomorrow


Yeo-eun, BaekHyun of EXO, Ben, GIRIBOY, Lee Boram of SeeYa, Jung Seunghwan, Shin Ji Hoon, Hyojung of Oh My Girl, Han Seungwoo of VICTON, and etc. The <Hyena> OST album is composed of 25 tracks and 2CDs.



MAKESTAR <Hyena> OST Album Configuration



It will have a special meaning for viewers who are sad about the end of the drama, as it includes some of the best scenes and unreleased still cuts from <Hyena> drama.


MAKESTAR limited edition of Drama Poster for purchasers only

(Poster Size: 424*598mm)

*SET1 purchasers and overseas purchasers will receive it in the form of folded posters.



One more thing! MAKESTAR exclusive event that you can't see anywhere else!




A special event prepared by MAKESTAR for the regular viewers of <Hyena>!

Among those who purchase a <Hyena> OST Photo book Album at MAKESTAR, five people will be selected by a draw and receive the <Hyena> Photo book album including autograph of the actor (random) who is performing passionately in <Hyena> additionally! after the project is finished.




The same phone strap that the main character of <Hyena> wore for every episode, You can buy the ARNO genuine phone strap, which makes you active and like a career woman, along with the <Hyena> OST album at MAKESTAR only.


 *Source of photos: Provided from ARNO


PROCESS from Funding to Delivery



~ until Apr.26. 2020 (Sun)



Album production

Production of Special Item (#Handmade)

*It's a handmade product that goes into production at the same time on order.
We'll do our best to ship as soon as possible!



Worldwide Shipment Starts

It will be shipped from the last week of April in sequence


We will notify any future schedules and changes on the community!


SBS drama <Hyena> OST Album + Special Item Pre-Order Reward Introduction

Press the card of the Reward so that able to sample image and details of reward.



  • 1. OST Album (Photo book 40p,2CD)
  • 2. Poster 1EA
  • * SET1 purchasers will receive it in the form of folded poster.

Special SETUS$31.7

  • 1. OST Album (Photo book 40p,2CD)
  • 2. Poster 1EA
  • * If Korea it will be delivered with a paper tube, if overseas it will be shipped in the form of folded poster.
  • 3. ARNO Genuine Phone Strap (Color: Golden Blue, choose one mobile type)