tvN <Hospital Playlist> Director's ver. OST Preorder


tvN <Hospital Playlist> Director's ver. OST Preorder

tvN <Hospital Playlist> Director's ver. OST Preorder


6/2/2020 ~6/15/2020

The drama <Hospital Playlist> which comforts you with the story of five medical school students who suffer from growing pains even after 40 years of their lives, is more famous for remakes of memorable songs, right? Let's keep our memories together with a wise gift set!

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This is a "Pre-order project" that will be rewarded to all project participants after closing the project.
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Announce the winners of the < Hospital Playlist > OST album Preorder PR event

Hello, this is editor Amy. Thanks to your support, so many people participated in the <Hospital Playlist> OST Preoder PR Event. We will announce the winners of the PR event. Congratulations to all 10 of you who won the OST album with actor's handwritten autograph. ▷Aimae ▷Nutch ▷Takgho ▷Oohjung ▷cloudgreen ▷Baimint ▷staralswn ▷리태원 클라쓰 ▷Great ▷닮은살걀 Please kindly check the name of the StarMaker. The actor's signature is random delivery. We'll make sure to send your love and support to the actors. Thank you again.

 Share the news about the preorder and get another OST with the actor's handwritten autograph! 


Preorder of the <Hospital Playlist> Director's ver. OST!!
Plus, a wise gift set that fills my heart!!! 

We will draw 10 people among those who participate in PR event and preorder, and send another OST with the actor's handwritten autograph as a gift. 


How to participate in an event 
① Participate in <Hospital Playlist> Director's ver. OST Preorder 
② Share the news about <Hospital Playlist official OST Preorder> online communities such as SNS, Cafes, open chat room, and etc.
③ Certify PR on the project 'cheering message' menu 

Event participation period:

~until Jun 15th, 2020


Announcement of winners:

Jun 16th, 2020, 5PM You can check the notice in the project page. (We will announce the delivery schedule for gifts later.)




<Hospital Playlist> that has given our ears happy with great OST,
Wise fan life begins with wise gift sets!


<Hospital Playlist> that made our ears happy with its great OST, let's wait for season 2 with a wise gift set!


Rewards component details 


A wise gift set including <Hospital Playlist> Director's ver. 

① Special lyrics and photo book with unreleased photos, greetings from directors and main characters
② Kino album with the exclusive making video of unreleased album, song, unreleased photos
③ Calendar book 1 pc starting from June, 2020
④ Singers signed Polaroids SET (12 pcs)
⑤ Actors ID photo stickers SET (5 types) 
⑥ Mido and Parasol Mini figure Banner 1 pc (per version)
⑦ Actor Character sticker 1 pc (per verson) 


[The first edition of Specials]  Yulje Hospital pass coupon 1 pc (Back side: Genie Music coupon)

*Please check your luck behind the coupon. 

[Preorder Specials] 1 random (of 2) Poster including Actor's signature printed will be given separately. (folded poster)


※The first-come-first-served special offer can be terminated early.

※(Required before purchase) This is an album containing a Kino Kit instead of a CD. (The User's manual is separately included)



Hospital Playlist OST Tracklist

Part 1. Kwon Jin Ah <Lonely Night>

Part 2. JOY <Introduce Me A Good Person>

Part 3. Jo Jung Suk <Aloha>

Part 4. KYUHYUN <Confession Is Not Flashy>

Part 5. Urban Zakapa <Beautiful My Love>

Part 6. Kwak Jin Eon <In front of city hall at the subway station>

Part 7. J Rabbit <You Always>

Part 8. Whee In (MAMAMOO) <With My Tears>

Part 9. Lee So Ra <The wind is blowing>

Part 10. Mido And Parasol <Oh! What A Shiny Night>

Part 11. Mido And Parasol <Canon>

Part 12. Park Hyuk Jin <Beyond The Rainbow Forest>

Part 13. While Living Life - Oohyo

Part 14. I Knew I Love - Jeon Mi Do

Part 15. Me to You, You to Me - Mido And Parasol

Part 16. Sorrowful (Piano Ver.1)

Part 17. Affect Part

18. Moving Forward (Full Ver.)

Part 19. Frozen Dream

Part 20. Monday

Part 21. Oh! What A Shiny Night (Drama Ver.) (Inst.)

Part 22. Beyond The Rainbow Forest (Inst.)

Part 23. While Living Life (Inst.)

Part 24. I Knew I Love (Inst.) 




Enjoy the <Hospital Playlist> OST M/V


Part 2. <Introduce Me A Good Person> - Joy (Red Velvet)

The group Basis's <Introduce me a good person> released in 1996 was reborn as a more cheerful song with Joy's fresh and lively voice.


Part 3. <ALOHA> - Cho Jung Seok

<ALOHA> is one of the representative songs of the mixed group 'COOL' released in 2001, and was loved for its lovely confession song. Cho Jung Seok who plays Lee Ik Jun, sang the song himself and completed the Cho Jung Seok version of ALOHA.


Part 4. <Confession Is Not Flashy> - KyuHyun

KyuHyun recreated a ballad song, released by Lee Seung Hwan in 1993, with his emotional vocal. The great arrangement, which combines acoustic guitar and rich orchestration, goes very well with KyuHyun's sweet vocal.


Part 8.  <With My Tears> - Whee In (MAMAMOO) 

It was released in 1996 by the late 'Seo Ji Won', called the 'Unfortunate Highteen Star', and was featured in the band's performance scene of five medical school students in the 8th episode. 'Whee In' maximized the mood of this song with her delicate yet calm vocals restraining the sad feelings.




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From JUN.02, 2020 to Jun.15. 2020 (KST)



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It will be shipped sequentially starting from Jun 22th.


We will inform you of the schedule and other changes later on the project page.


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This project cannot be canceled or refunded. (However, except for the project failure or success but if the creator has not executed a reward within 12 months of project termination.)



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  • 1. <Hospital Playlist> Director's ver. OST SET
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