[Art Book] THE UNTAMED Original Specials: Specials Set


[Art Book] THE UNTAMED Original Specials: Specials Set

[Art Book] THE UNTAMED Original Specials: Specials Set


4/24/2020 ~4/27/2020

With Your Enthusiastic Support, We Are Group-Purchasing "THE UNTAMED" Original Specials : Specials Set!

This is a "Pre-order project" that will be rewarded to all project participants after closing the project.
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  • Estimated delivery dateTBA
Project statusDelivery Completed


❗️❗️❗️  The project has been closed early since all the available quantities are currently sold out. We will sell the regualr version of original art book in the future, so please look forward to it.


❗️❗️❗️ This product comes in the warehouse after the packaging of all components has been completed. Also, since it is a product that comes in from abroad, we inform you that the posters included in the set may be wrinkled or folded, but it is difficult to exchange posters because of this issue. Please consider this part carefully and purchase it.


Estimated Shipment Date: Within 7 Days of Order



✔Art book

295mm*210mm, 200p


170mm*250mm, 64p,


✔ White Rabbit X Tianzixiao Metal Bookmark Set (2EA)



✔ Canvas Bag (1EA)



✔ Photo with Golden Frame(1EA)



✔ Postcard Set (8EA)



✔ Metal Sticker(1EA)



✔ "Don't Mess Around(别闹)" Memopad(1EA)



 ✔ One Folding Lotus Dock Bookmark (1EA)         



✔ Poster (2EA)



✔  Two L-type Folders


✔  Ticket/receipt Binder



✔ Commemorative Medal Keychain  




Hello, 🍓this is Strawberry, one of the admin for projects on MAKESTAR!🍓


We've received many StarMakers requests for the next project and made a project proposal to the Creator, that is currently running crowdfunding for the Art Book in China.

Unfortunately, we have been told that it is rather difficult to officially start a separate overseas project. (o (╥﹏╥) o)

However! It is possible to participate in the crowdfunding project on the Chinese website as a group purchase.


As a result of the group purchase demand survey, we have decided to go ahead and begin the group purchase process!



Please Note!!

1. The funding page (= detail page) on the Chinese website cannot be used within MAKESTAR's website.

*We have no copyrights to use the image except for the "MODIAN" website, which is the crowdfunding website currently running the Art Book project in China.


So I know it can be tedious :( but if you'd like to see the product, please refer to the link below!


2. You can receive the same rewards when the transaction has been completed within the period of the project in China (2019.11.26 ~ 2019.12.26).

*However, please note that publications may be canceled or the composition may be changed, as is the case with the crowdfunding project rewards in China.


 Name Specials Set
  Price,  KRW59,000
THE UNTAMED Original Art Book + Booklet

real product image 1 2 3

  One Metal Bookmark set (2EA) real product image
  One Canvas Bag real product image
  One Photo with Golden Frame example image
  Original Postcard Set (5EA) example image
  One Metal Sticker example image
 "Don't Mess Around(别闹)" Memopad example image


Additional Benefits when the stretch goal is reached
  + One Folding Lotus Dock Bookmark example image
  + Two Postcards example image
  + One Poster example image
  +  Two L-type Folders example image
  + Yunshen Poster example image
  + Ticket/receipt Binder real product image
  + Commemorative Medal Keychain real product image




THE UNTAMED Original Specials: Specials Set


It consists of a total of 10 chapters, 7 episodes, and large-capacity photographs,

restoring the beautiful artistic settings and scenes in the drama as it is,

and once again recreating the world of THE UNTAMED.


Double-wrapped in a luxurious gift box with chain binding and four color schemes

landscape orientation, 295mm*210mm, approx. 200 pages


Go to see real product image>> 



Unveiled the secret of setting in the drama

and restored the scene from the drama in the Art Book

With scenes like Buyetian, Qiongqidao, Dazhanwutiannu, Wenling included

each feature of the five families is introduced once again.

The Art Book included many scenes that show

the characteristics and customs of the five families.


Includes the emblem of the family, clothing and jewelry, weapons, and character settings


The unique artistic elements of "THE UNTAMED"

analyzed by the production team, art guidance team and the art concept team


Art Book includes still pictures

with captivating moments in the drama.





Portrait orientation, 170mm*250mm, 64 pages, wire binding


Screenplays, and interviews of the main casts and voice actors
Come check out the message from the writers, Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Zhixing Lu, Bian Jiang, and child voice actors!


Behind-The-Scenes from THE UNTAMED shoots

Hand-Painted Storyboard


✔ White Rabbit X Tianzixiao Metal Bookmark Set (2EA)

Material: Pure copper material with gold plating for durability (fancy!)

Size: 17*60mm

Craft: The method of baking ceramics to fill the color makes it possible to express more colors and delicate patterns of the product (pretty!)

Go to see real product image>>



✔ Canvas Bag

Made with thick and durable cotton in delicate colors, and includes buttons and pockets inside the bag - strong practicality

Comes with a beautifully drawn card

Material: 12A cotton

Size: 340mm*400mm

Handle Length: 650mm

Where to Use: Anywhere to show off your coolness

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✔ Photo with Golden Frame



✔ Original Postcard Set (5EA)



✔ Metal Sticker



✔ "Don't Mess Around(别闹)" Memopad



Additional Benefits when the stretch goal is reached


- One Folding Lotus Dock Bookmark        



- Two Postcards



- One Poster



- Two L-type Folders



- Yunshen Poster



- Ticket/receipt Binder



- Commemorative Medal Keychain

diameter 30mm

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Estimated shipping date in China: March 2020

*Delivery will start as soon as it arrives in Korea


- Shipping fees will be charged separately according to the country-specific rate table for the selected shipping method.
- This project is non-cancelable and non-refundable.


I entered my shipping information (StarMaker's name, address, etc.) incorrectly. Can I modify my shipping information?

Yes, you can modify the orderer's name, StarMaker's name, email address, shipping address (the country cannot be modified), remarks at [Project Pledge History -> Click Participation NO. -> Modify Shipping Information] by the project closing date (12/24).

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[Art Book] THE UNTAMED Original Specials: Specials Set Reward Introduction

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  • 1. THE UNTAMED Original Specials: Specials Set
  • * ✔️THE UNTAMED Original Special Art Book + Booklet
  • ✔️Metal Bookmark Set (2EA)
  • ✔️One Canvas Bag
  • ✔️ Photo with Golden Frame
  • ✔️Postcard Set (8EA)
  • ✔️One Metal Sticker
  • ✔️"Don't Mess Around(别闹)" Memopad
  • ✔️One Folding Lotus Dock Bookmark
  • ✔️Two Posters
  • ✔️Two L-type Folders
  • ✔️Ticket/receipt Binder
  • ✔️Commemorative Medal Keychain