[Overseas Official] THE UNTAMED OST Album Pre-Order


[Overseas Official] THE UNTAMED OST Album Pre-Order

[Overseas Official] THE UNTAMED OST Album Pre-Order


12/2/2019 ~12/5/2019

Buy Photobook and get CD?! THE UNTAMED OST Album known for its good price Overseas Pre-Order Officially OPEN!

Funding GoalUS$14,824.23
This is an "All or Nothing" project that will be rewarded to project participants when 100% of the project is achieved.
If it is not reached 100%, the participating amount will be refunded and also you won't get any reward.
  • Time RemainingClosed
  • Estimated delivery dateTBA
  • Star Makers938
Project statusDelivery Completed
Hello. This is MAKESTAR. Thank you very much for your enthusiastic support and participation in THE UNTAMED OST Album Project! We sincerely apologize for the delay in providing you with the possible shipping date since we keep checking with official Chinese sales representative. Due to the explosive reaction of THE UNTAMED OST Album in China, the production volume in China has increased rapidly and the production schedule in China has been delayed. We have received a response that they will release the order for MAKESTAR as top of their list as soon as the production is completed. We will inform you again of the exact shipping schedule as soon as it is shipped out locally. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by the delay in shipping, and we are doing our best to arrange the shipping schedule. Please kindly wait! We apologize again for the delay in the announcement. Thank you.


<THE UNTAMED OST Album Pre-Order>
must reach its target amount (minimum order at 500) to succeed!

If the project does not reach its target amount, the pre-order will be cancelled and the participated amount will be refunded.

Share this project to succeed this project and for all "THE UNTAMED" fans to own OST Album!



THE UNTAMED OST Album Pre-Order that the project manager also wants to join! 

(The project manager who is a big fan of THE UNTAMED has been eagerly waiting for this Pre-Order to open!)




Buy Photobook and get CD?! THE UNTAMED OST Album known for its good price!

Overseas Pre-Order Officially OPEN!



THE UNTAMED OST CD (1EA), 18 songs

THE UNTAMED OST CD (Inst. ver.) (1EA), 29 songs

Hardcover Photobook (1EA), 102 pages

Photocards (2EA), 2 out of 16 photocards selected at random



Soundtracks sang by 16 famous singers and actors including

 Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, Bibi Zhou, Ayanga, Charlie Zhou, Naomi Wang, and Yin Lin!

- First release of fans' beloved Jin Guangyao's theme song 「Hatred in Life」!

- 40-page long undisclosed still cuts!

- Exclusive interviews of the main casts!




But there's a catch!

OST Pre-Order must exceed 500 orders for the official pre-order to begin!

Share and participate Pre-Order Project for

many fans at overseas to own THE UNTAMED OST Album!





[Overseas Official] THE UNTAMED OST Album Pre-Order Reward Introduction

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OST AlbumUS$29.7

0 of 191 sets remaining
  • 1. Project participation certificate (Digital)
  • * When project succeeds, you may download the certificate through [Pledge History] - [Project Pledge History].
  • 2. THE UNTAMED OST Album

* All type of rewards will begin production after project is finished.

*Digital reward can be downloaded by yourself after the project is finished.
- How to download: MAKESTAR Login> [Pledge history]> [Digital reward]
-You will be received alarm via e-mail or notice after the upload digital reward.

*The name of Starmaker Certificate and the named Reward will be based on the 'StarMaker Name'.
(Order name is for shipping and event entrance check, and is not applied for Reward items.)