YUBIN Y.Lazy Tee [Lazy Radish] Pre-order


YUBIN Y.Lazy Tee [Lazy Radish] Pre-order

YUBIN Y.Lazy Tee [Lazy Radish] Pre-order


11/20/2020 ~11/26/2020

Buy YUBIN Y.Lazy Tee [Lazy Radish] from MAKESTAR and get a limited edition photo card and a chance to participate in video call!

Limited period
This is a "Pre-order project" that will be rewarded to all project participants after closing the project.
  • Time RemainingClosed
  • Estimated delivery dateTBA
Project statusPreparing rewards

YUBIN will come to reply to your cheering comments!

On the afternoon of November 24th(TUE),KST YUBIN will come to reply to your cheering comments! You can chat in real time, so please leave a lot of comments!


Only on MAKESTAR!!

YUBIN Y.Lazy Tee [Lazy Radish] Exclusive Overseas Pre-Order

Available for purchase only within 9PM on November 20th ~ 1AM on November 26th

However if the quantity is exhausted, it can be terminated early!


Early Bird Benefit

First 100 pledgers who bought the YUBIN Y.Lazy Tee [Lazy Radish] will receive 

a Limited Special Mini Poster(A4)!




Among those who purchased Y.Lazy [Lazy Radish] on this project page during the application period and left the sharing link of the page in the cheering message, we will select 10 people by a draw and give you the signed Polaroid photo!


⁕ How to participate in the PR event 

①Participate in <YUBIN Y.Lazy Tee [Lazy Radish] Pre-order>

②Share the news about the <YUBIN Y.Lazy Tee [Lazy Radish] Pre-order> on online communities such as your SNS, Cafes, open chatting room, etc.

③Certify the promotion on the Project 'Cheering message'


⁕ cheering message standard 

[YUBIN] - What you want to say to YUBIN + SNS Sharing Link

Ex): [YUBIN] - Best luck for YUBIN!

>> Video call Event sharing link: https://twitter.com/...


▶Event participation period: until 1AM on Nov. 26th, 2020 (KST)

▶Announcement of winners: 1PM on Nov. 26th, 2020(KST), You can check the notice on the project page (The gift will be shipped with the Tee you purchased).



Online Fansign Event


This is an event that YUBIN and the event winners will have video calls for a set time.


◆The date and time of the event

👉November 26th (Thu) at 22:00(KST)

*It is subject to change depending on the artist schedule.


◆Application period

👉9PM on November 20th ~ 1AM on November 26th (KST)


◆How to apply

👉 Among those who purchase the YUBIN Y.Lazy Tee [Lazy Radish] on the Project Page within the application period, 20 people will be selected by a draw.

* The number of applying is not related to the number of your orders and you can apply for the total number of T-shirts you have purchased in this project.
* Only orders that have been processed for payment can be accepted for the event.
* Please note in advance that this event will be submitted based on the your delivery information (name/email address/phone number) you entered when you order, not on member information.


◆Announcement of the Winners

👉November 26th (Thu) 1PM(KST), on the MAKESTAR Project Page and we will inform winners individually.


◆The number of draw

👉20 people



Go To Online Fansign Event>> 



 ◆ MAKESTAR Special 


For. All applicants

1) YUBIN's unreleased photo card

(Random 1 pc per a T-shirt, total 3 types)


For. Winners

1) Video Call with YUBIN

2) Signed postcard including name

3) YUBIN's unreleased photo card 1 SET(3 types)


For. Winners, but those who failed to attend the event

1) YUBIN's proof photo (Digital)
2) Signed postcard including name
3) YUBIN's unreleased photo card 1 SET(3 types)


For. Winners of PR Event

1) One signed Polaroid photo



🚚 PROCESS from sales to delivery

MAKESTAR Limited Rewards will be produced immediately after the preorder, when the production quantity is confirmed.


 STEP 1 

You can order on this project until 1AM on November.26th, 2020.


 STEP 2 

We confirm the quantity immediately after the project is ended, and start bringing the products from the china shop and producing the MAKESTAR Limited Rewards (including special offers).

* It takes about two weeks on the average to produce the rewards and bring the products from China.


 STEP 3 

Worldwide Shipping starts.

*Delivery schedule can be changed depending on the duration of the production and circumstances.


If there is a missing or damaged product, additional delivery or replacement is possible only for those who have sent a photo as a proof or unboxing video to MAKESTAR within a week of receipt of the product.

-Photo: attach the photo in 1:1 inquiry
-Video: After sending it to notice@makestar.co, and ask through 1:1 inquiry
*If 7 days have passed since you received the product (based on the tracking of the invoice), or if the photo or video is not attached, additional delivery or exchange is not possible. Please note this in advance as this will be the same even if you use the shipping agency.

YUBIN Y.Lazy Tee [Lazy Radish] Pre-order Reward Introduction

Press the card of the Reward so that able to sample image and details of reward.



  • 1. StarMaker certificate (Digital)
  • 2. YUBIN [Lazy Radish] Tee 1pc
  • * Color: Black/Beige/pink 3 colors
  • *Size: XS/S/M/L 4Size
  • 3. YUBIN's unreleased photo card 1pc
  • * 1 pc random out of 3 types
  • 4. Coupon for Online Fansign event 1 pc