ClosedPick Out B.A.P's Next Photobook Cover Design!

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Hahaha! I dissapear for two days and now just see the result. Not bad. Its just a rating of the cover guys. We just must to make sure that our name has write in the credit list of this photobook. So...I hope everybody here joint the project.


Wow-I missed all the drama. All I am going to say is, if the cover is displeasing to you, or triggers you in any way, just cover it up. You can buy book covers or you can make your own. If you can't bear to look at the cover for whatever reason, get a friend to cover it up for you. Quite honestly it's nice that we even get a choice. They could easily just choose their own cover and then nobody could do anything about it. It's the photos inside that matter and those are going to be STUNNING ( you've seen the early release photos right? OMG they're gorgeous!) I personally liked cover C and if I hate the cover when it arrives I'll just make my own. It's not a reason to start arguing in the comments.


Glad I missed the drama surrounding this. A bit disappointed the cover I voted for didn't win, but I was too busy to keep voting (boohoo 😢) But in reading the comments.. people really need to relax on shoving their illnesses or disorders or discomforts in other people's faces.. it's not always possible to accommodate someone's illness. And what's better for you might cause someone else stress too.. you know? The important thing is supporting BAP and getting the chance to help participate in the creation of a photobook.


I'm sad because I think B is prettier, but as long as I can see sexy photos inside I don't care. Next time I'll win ;p

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LOL right? They could provide a plain brown paper cover and I wouldn't care. I want the photos!


Maybe, just maybe there will be another poll to decide to actual final design, just like Makestar is doing rn for the stamps~


I hope not. If we look at how this went... it would be a blood bath. lol


Type A won with 174 more votes ! Congrats 👏👏 And for those who may not like it, please keep in mind to thanks Makestar for letting us the choice~ And that the final product may differ from the on-screen product, with the material and finish!


To be honest TYPE A seems a bit too edgy, and apparently its a trigger for some as pointed out for some of the comments. TYPE B gives off a "night life" feel with the blurred colours and its much more softer for the eyes. But at the end of the day, whichever cover is decided I'll just go with it.


B.A.P∞BABY B.A.PとBABYは無限に一緒だから。


Its almost over.... Thank god. I still love BABYz no matter what.

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They would better post next stretch goal ;p


Just a small reminder that the poll ends at midnight KST today! So there is about 16 hours left from now, everyone keep voting for the cover you like ♥

Marie Engel

its really a shame that B is currently losing but i begin to accept whatever type will win. the majority of babyz seems to like A the most so i need to get along with it. i will not stop voting for B though! xD gosh, i will be happy when this poll stops. haha was kind of tiring. ^^°°


Holy fudge, What happened here? We were calmly arguing like me and my friends "rice or pasta for dinner?" (don't laugh, rice is important at each meal XDD) Now I see "disrespect "(...????), "stop using my illness"(...?????????????????whaaaaaat ?) But A is still first though, if you don't want it to win, it's simple, vote my friends, vote~~~~😘😘😘 And if you want A to win keep voting too~😘😘 And if you're like me and you prefer C....well let's have a moment and cry team C😭(still love it though💞) BUT LET'S LOVE EACH OTHER 😘💞😘💞😘💞BabyZ Fighting ~! (Hum...but what is vertigo btw?)

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@adele.fon it's pasta because at least we cook it the same way at least XDDDD if you cooked rice like me we would eating rice I'M TELLING YOU XDDD


... people tends to forget that thos pics are there to give you an idea of the actual design, it will be different from what you see here, could be better or worst looking, we don't know. Seeing how some of the fans reacts, I kinda wish Makestar do not use any of those and release a brand new design no Baby would know of beforehand, because really, it seems like the majority of the ones arguing can't just appreciate the fact that they get to vote. Now tell me: what would you have done if design A were to be used without any poll or warning beforehand? What would you have done when you discover it for the 1st time from unboxing? Nothing. (Or maybe whinning on sns) Because you wouldn't have known or even get a chance to chose yourself, would you send mails to Makestar to state that you are displeased by the appearence of the photobook? That you want them to provide something to cover it? That you can't enjoy you pb because of it's outside design?

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This needs to be pinned on the top of the comment thread! 🙌🏻


Just vote for the one you like. BOTH A and C are triggering to me but even I can see why they are cool. I vote for the one I like and you vote for the one you like. Thats what polls are for. For every individual to vote what THEY like. The world doesn't revolve around me or anyone else and if the one I like isn't picked then thats FINE. I, and everyone else, can buy a book cover for like $1 Different things trigger different people. Any of the covers can hurt someone mentally, not everyone is gonna be happy so instead of telling people what to vote for, vote for the one you like. I'm not trying to be rude but its just frustrating seeing SOME(no not all so if this isn't you then just ignore) seem to be using my mental illness as an excuse to guilt trip BABYz into picking the one they like. And that is so frustrating. So can we please just vote for what we like and not tell others what to do thx