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Dear Santa











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I’m watching this in front of my fireplace, nice crackling fire going, pleasant smells, relaxing, petting some type of animal, drifting off to sleep. (I didn’t have any firewood so I’m using hooker legs, instead.)


Actually I like all their songs because its really good to hear .. But when I got lonely, I've played most the Twinkle song .. Twinkle is a dramatic song, so everytime I played it, I feel that they also feel what I feel ..


I really really want, like and LOVE DEAR SANTA of TTS! :) I love there songs so wonderful, unique, and PWERFUL! :D I really really really really LOVE signed album! :D HOPE to win this! :) I'm a FAN of TTS-GIRLS GENERATION! :D Everyday I listen there musice, my life feels great and comfortable! :D They are like the "first snow" of the Christmas atmosphere and brights up the day with their awesomeness ! "Dear Santa" please do let the girls release more Christmas related music as I really really love it and it's just makes me wanna get into the mood for Christmas right now... :D I have to say that Dear Santa was my favourite song out of their releases because to me, it was a perfect song to enjoy christmas, when it was released. :) Shared post URL: * * *

Queen Jhazz
PH Every album have their own "wow effect" but Dear Santa is the one that got me inlove with TTS! Especially the english version of Dear Santa! Seohyun humming is so alluring! I'm looking forward for her solo debut like Taeyeon and Tiffany. Thou, I'm still waiting for TTS comeback as well! Seohyun... many bashes you, calling you names and accusing you of such but don't listen to them! You're pretty and talented, they're just insecure! Tiffany... they keep on comparing you to Jessica since your solo debut is almost in the same time as hers. You did great! And for me you did way more better than her! Taeyeon... I LOVE YOUR SOLO COMEBACKS (thou I miss the whole SNSD on stage). Many are getting mad at you just because you're being paired to Baekhyun again. Don't worry, not all EXO-Ls are narrow minded. As long as you're both happy, I, an EXO-L is also happy. HWAITING TTS!


My favourite album is holler since all their song in this album is awesome


세 앨범중에 첫앨범구매가 Dear Santa이구 태티서도 첫 크리스마스앨범이 Dear Santa이기 때문에 뭔가 특별하구 애틋한 앨범입니다.. 회사다닐때도 출퇴근길 다 앨범 수록곡들로 함께해왔습니다 꼭 당첨됬으면 좋겠습니다..