Weeekly 4th Mini Album [Play Game : Holiday] Video Call Event

Buy Weeekly 4th Mini Album [Play Game : Holiday] from MAKESTAR and get the limited edition hologram photo card and a chance to have a video call with the members!

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[Weeekly] Welcome back Weeekly! :) I am always so excited as a Daileee to support my favorite girls in the entire world~ Weeekly has a special place in my heart — 7 talented, kind, and beautiful members! I can’t wait to cheer loudly!! Have a happy and safe promotion~ https://twitter.com/magicalremi/status/1421324548457312259?s=21


[Weeekly] - So excited to be participating in my first comeback as a Daileee! These girls deserve the world, and I'll be cheering them on for as long as I can! Here's to hoping they get their first win this time! ❤️ >>Event sharing link: //twitter.com/hwaxmars/status/1421173171202449414?s=20


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Can't wait for your comeback Weeekly !! Let's make a new record in kpop history !! https://www.facebook.com/Agung.PrHe/posts/4332785863444727


[Weeekly] Being a fan since debut, I am so proud of how much they've grown as a group and their absolutely killer bops! Cheering them on for getting their first win!!! #Weeekly1stWin! https://twitter.com/hye_aeong/status/1420999957557878785?s=20


[Weeekly] The biggest rookies from this year, queens! Making history already https://twitter.com/sheisbueno/status/1420877857346236416


[Weeekly] - 우리 짱클리 8/4일 컴백 너무 축하해 💗💗💗 데일리들이 위클리 컴백을 얼마나 기다렸는지 몰라 >< 하이라이트 메들리만 들어도 대박 예감.. 노래 너무너무 좋더라 짱클리가 올 여름 케이팝 씹어먹는다!!!! 위클리 노래 들으면 한여름 폭염에 에어컨 없어도 시원하대..😇 우리 위클리 열심히 연습하고 노력하는 거 다 알고 있으니까 하던 대로 보여줘 ~~~ 사랑해 💘💘 https://twitter.com/dxanbii/status/1420756718330384395?s=21


[Weeekly] "THE KPOP WORLD IS SHAKING BECAUSE OF WEEEKLY" - GodJiyoon Weeekly I'll be always here to support you, good luck on your promotions and please be healthy and happy always ♥ https://twitter.com/joyyuls/status/1420730541351981058?s=20


[Weeekly] - I love you all so much!! Please have a happy promotion, stay safe and healthy! I will be a Daileee forever!! https://twitter.com/ownbyweeekly/status/1420700219574874112?s=20


[Weeekly] - I'm so happy to be able being part of Daileee and hype their comeback now! I hope Weeekly got their 1st win in this comeback. 위클리 화이팅!! 1등 가자!! https://twitter.com/PSHwangjanim/status/1420638720567300099?s=19


I noticed you al in the last comeback, The singing, appearance and dance are all great. I hope this comeback can get the good results again. I am also fortunate to be your fans. I will always be your side and support you . My lovely WEEEKLY . I LOVE YOU https://twitter.com/KhwKeb/status/1420637095568175105


Weeekly, my precious babies🚀 Walk on the flower path only in the future please❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 https://twitter.com/heromikrs/status/1420625968629047299?s=20


[Weeekly] This Weeekly comeback is sounding way too good not to get their first win! I have a feeling the 4th mini album will be the one! This is my first Weeekly comeback and I'm so excited to see what this group puts together for this new album! Thank you Weeekly for working so hard to put out new music for us so frequently! I will support you until the end!!! https://twitter.com/revebobb/status/1420589240325267460


[Weeekly] - 얘들아!! 우리 예쁜이들 컴백 한데여 😻 이번에도 우리 애기들이 우리랑 빨리 만나고 싶어서 열심히 준비하고 연습했는데요 우리도 애들 행복을 위한 열심히 스밍 하고 응원하자구여!! 우리 애들한테 이 세상에서 잇는 모든 예쁜 것들 주려고 열심히 노력 해볼게요!! 짱클리 대박나자!! 짱클리 사랑해!! https://twitter.com/lmhkkyu/status/1420397532635615233?s=19