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[PRODUCE x 101] Which company will send the most trainees to A class? (including profile translation)
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Let's guess which company will send the most trainees to A class!


YG - total of 2 trainees

: Wang Jyunhao, Hidaka Mahiro


Wang Jyunhao

Translation :

"Smile-inducing Jyunhao virus! Don't stop"

Age:20 / Bloodtype:AB / Height:172cm / Weight:57kg / Training period: 3 years

Hobby:Climbing mountains

Specialty:Singing, dancing, English 

Message: Don't fail! You can debut!


Hidaka Mahiro

Translation :

"You are my HERO"

Age:19 / Bloodtype:AB / Height:174cm / Weight:61kg / Training period: 2 years

Hobby:Any sport

Specialty:Singing, poppin dance, Korean

Message: I will make a debut


One of the biggest entertainment company YG! YG sent foreigner trainees. Will YG be able to live up to its reputation?




DSP Media - total of 3 trainees

: Son Dongpyo, Lee Junhyuk, Lee Hwan


Son Dongpyo

Translation :

"Cuteness in every nanometer"

Age:18 / Bloodtype:O / Height:166cm / Weight:48kg / Training period: 1 year 5 months

Hobby:Dancing, singing, coloring

Specialty:Urban dancing, impersonations 

Message: Gotta debut and give my parents a rest!


Lee Junhyuk

Translation :

"Made to be an idol! Physiques of a sportman!"

Age:20 / Bloodtype:B / Height:180cm / Weight:63kg / Training period: 2 years 3 months

Hobby:Games, basketball

Specialty:Singing, rapping, urban dancing

Message: I'll maliciously do my best


Lee Hwan

Translation :

"Classy groove! He set fire to national producers' hearts"

Age:21 / Bloodtype:A / Height:169cm / Weight:53kg / Training period: 2 years 9 months

Hobby:Talking with friends on the phone, going to Han River, self-care

Specialty:Writing melodies, English, doing funny voices

Message: I will do my best to the extreme and show you good result


Who would be the idol to continue KARA's legacy? DSP Media sent three trainees including the center of the title song "X1MA," Son Dongpyo! Will these three make their way to A class?




ESteem - total of 4 trainees

: Kim Seunghwan, Kim Jingon, Anzardi Timothee, Yuri


Kim Seunghwan

Translation :

"Inside his perfect physique hides incredible goofiness"

Age:21 / Bloodtype:A / Height:184cm / Weight:69kg / Training period: 1 year 2 months

Hobby:Basketball, bowling, talking with friends, shopping

Specialty:Kisses, flirting, counseling

Message: As is, I'll do my job


Kim Jingon

Translation :

"Freckle boy from Geoje"

Age:22 / Bloodtype:O / Height:185cm / Weight:63kg / Training period: 4 months

Hobby:Karaoke, basketball, swimming, sports

Specialty:Bowling, posing

Message: I'll set my jaw and make my way to the top


Anzardi Timothee

Translation :

"Between man and boy! Je t'aime, boy <3"

Age:21 / Bloodtype:O / Height:180cm / Weight:68kg / Training period: 3 months

Hobby:Playing guitar, sports, boarding, Mukbang

Specialty:English, French

Message: All in at all costs



Translation :

"Suddenly dizzy from sexiness, sexy party"

Age:26 / Bloodtype:B / Height:186cm / Weight:68kg / Training period: 3 years

Hobby:Playing guitar, painting, swimming, boarding, making raps, dancing, playing hockey, taking photos

Specialty:Dancing, playing saxophone, doing helium voice, Russian, English

Message: I will charm your heart!


ESteem started as a modeling agency! That's why all of its four contestants are over 180cm tall. We expect them to be as talented as their height so that they end up in A class!




Starship Entertainment - total of 5 trainees

: Kang Minhee, Koo Jungmo, Moon Hyunbin, Song Hyeongjun, Ham Wonjin


Kang Minhee

Translation :

"National producers' guardian angel hiding his wings"

Age:18 / Bloodtype:AB / Height:182cm / Weight:60kg / Training period: 1 year 9 months

Hobby:Going on a picnic


Message: I will show to you Kang Minhee


Koo Jungmo

Translation :

"Visual so stunning, paramedics needed"

Age:20 / Bloodtype:B / Height:181cm / Weight:58kg / Training period: 1 year 2 months

Hobby:Playing guitar, singing


Message: I won't stop running till I reach my dream!!!


Moon Hyunbin

Translation :

"Milk boy & Macho man mix and match"

Age:20 / Bloodtype:B / Height:175cm / Weight:60kg / Training period: 2 years 7 months

Hobby:Reading photobooks, Random play dancing, watching billboard charts


Message: No shame, no regret. I'll do my best


Song Hyeongjun


Translation :

"Want to see him everyday <3 His cuteness and talent has no exit"

Age:18 / Bloodtype:A / Height:174cm / Weight:55kg / Training period: 1 year 3 months

Hobby:Learning how to speak like a Seoulite


Message: I'll become Song Hyeongjun who does his best!


Ham Wonjin

Translation :

"Mansour of idols! Always new and thrilling"

Age:19 / Bloodtype:O / Height:174cm / Weight:57kg / Training period: 2 years 6 months


Specialty:Singing, Japanese

Message: I'll show you all my hidden charms and earn your love!


Starship has participated in every season of Produce 101! In this season they sent five trainees. We hope they grow up to be the next Jang Won-young and Ahn Yu-jin of IZ*ONE.




Entertainment company is where the stars are made and grown!

Let's see which company is the biggest part of A class!

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서초동 루프탑파티

Son Dongpyo reminds me Choi Yoojung of IOI. So cute.


I do think so


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