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[PRODUCE x 101] Who would sit on the top of the pyramid? (including translation)
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Produce X 101 Season 4 has started!


Like previous seasons, the most exciting part is the question:

"Who would sit on the top of the pyramid?"

While everyone on the show is playing games, let's guess together who would sit on the top!


MAKESTAR has picked some of the rising members :)


1.Kang Hyeonsu - AAP.Y


Translation :

"His cool voice pops!"

Age:24 / Bloodtype:O / Height:173cm / Weight:58kg

Training period:8 years 3 months

Hobby:Watching Marvel movies, studying flat earth

Specialty:Impersonating commercials, doing Baek Jongwon's voice

Message: It's either the military or the stage! I'll do my best!



He made debuts before as LC9 and BLK. He was even a leader of BLK. What a brave decision to participate in the show. He is one of the trainees with the longest training period, with a period of 8 years 3 months.




2.Kim Kookheon - Music Works


Translation :

"Hit first with singing, later with dancing"

Age:23 / Bloodtype:A / Height:176cm / Weight:65kg

Training period:7 years 9 months


Specialty:Singing, dancing, writing music

Message: I will do my best more than anyone!


Kim Kookheon appeared in MIXNINE. He also has debuted as the leader of Myteen. And with 7 years 9 months of training, he is one of the bravehearts along with Kang Hyeonsu.




3.Kim Sungyeon - Individual trainee


Translation :

"National Producers' voting catalyst! Heart, stop pounding!"

Age:18 / Bloodtype:O / Height:172cm / Weight:54kg

Training period:2 years 2 months

Hobby:Playing basketball, watching movies


Message: I certainly will seize my chance and make my dream come true.


He is a pro at competition shows, having appeared on YG Treasure Box and MIXNINE. Produce X 101 is his third competition show, we can safely assume that he won't hesitate to make his way to the top.




4.Lee Eugene - Individual trainee


Translation :

"Do you think you can handle who I am"

Age:16 / Bloodtype:A / Height:170cm / Weight:57kg

Training period:4 months

Hobby:Riding cruiser board

Specialty:Playing piano, flute, ping pong, and swimming

Message: Alea iacta est, so do your best and don't regret.



If Produce 101 season 2 had Jang Moon Bok, Produce X 101 has Lee Eugene, Soohan from SKY Castle! His career as a child actor will give him confidence to sit on the top.




Sitting on the top of the pyramid is surely the climax of the first episode, so it's a lot of pressure to all the trainees.

Please support them with all your hearts so that they can make their big step forward!




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Lee Eugene, he is so cute. One of SKY Castle's hero.


Thank you for your comment!


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