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[PRODUCE x 101] Not my first competition show - THE SHOWS - Part 1 (including profile translation)
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A number of trainees participating in PRODUCE x 101 have also participated in other competition shows before. Even those who won! In this post, we'll get to know more about the trainees who have an experience in competition shows before PRODUCE x 101! Show by show!




YG Treasure Box


YG Treasure Box was a competition show from YG Entertainment and it was to launch the fourth boy group following Big Bang, WINNER, and iKON. Total of 10 episodes aired from November 16 2018 to January 18 2019. It was the first competition show that YG itself has produced in four years after MIX&MATCH.


Translation :

"I'll steal~ your heart as fast as a lightning"

Age:20 / Bloodtype:B / Height:172cm / Weight:56kg / Training period:1 year 11 months

Hobby:Going on a haze

Specialty:Singing, writing lyrics

Message: I'll move everyone's heart


Translation :

"National Producers' voting catalyst! Heart, stop pounding!"

Age:18 / Bloodtype:O / Height:172cm / Weight:54kg / Training period:2 years 2 months

Hobby:Playing basketball, watching movies


Message: I certainly will seize my chance and make my dream come true.


Translation :

"Smile-inducing Jyunhao virus! Don't stop"

Age:20 / Bloodtype:AB / Height:172cm / Weight:57kg / Training period: 3 years

Hobby:Climbing mountains

Specialty:Singing, dancing, English 

Message: Don't fail! You can debut!


Translation :

"Perfect from head to toe!"

Age:23 / Bloodtype:AB / Height:175cm / Weight:56kg / Training period: 3 years

Hobby:Watching movies, sports

Specialty:Singing, writing music, dancing, playing guitar 

Message: To me from now on there's no giving up


Translation :

"You are my HERO"

Age:19 / Bloodtype:AB / Height:174cm / Weight:61kg / Training period: 2 years

Hobby:Any sport

Specialty:Singing, poppin dance, Korean

Message: I will make a debut


Trainees of PRODUCE x 101 who have appeared on YG Treasure Box are Kang Seokhwa, Kim Sungyeon, Wang Jyunhao, Lee Midam, and Hidaka Mahiro. Of these five, Wang Jyunhao and Hidaka Mahiro are in YG Entertainment.






MIXNINE is a competition show made by YG Entertainment. Unlike most competition shows for becoming idols, MIXNINE has both male and female contestants. MIXNINE selects a boy group and a girl group and only one group can make an official debut. To sum up, MIXNINE is a mixture of PRODUCE series' voting system and WIN: WHO IS NEXT?'s team rival system.


Translation :

"Hit first with singing, later with dancing"

Age:23 / Bloodtype:A / Height:176cm / Weight:65kg

Training period:7 years 9 months


Specialty:Singing, dancing, writing music

Message: I will do my best more than anyone!


Translation :

"National Producers' voting catalyst! Heart, stop pounding!"

Age:18 / Bloodtype:O / Height:172cm / Weight:54kg / Training period:2 years 2 months

Hobby:Playing basketball, watching movies


Message: I certainly will seize my chance and make my dream come true.


Kim Kookheon and Kim Sungyeon have participated in MIXNINE. As Kim Sungyeon has also participated in YG Treasure Box, PRODUCE x 101 makes his third competition show.




Boys 24


Boys 24 is an 8-episode stage-centered boygroup project produced by CJ E&M. It aired from June 18 to July 16 2016. All 49 contestants did not have any engagement with entertainment companies. The show maintained a unit contest format in every episode. The final 24 contestants performed on a stage made especially for them for a year from September 22 2016 as a stage-centered idol. Their official debut was under the name IN2IT, and their debut album "Carpe Diem" was released on October 26 2017.


Translation :

"Rap machine gun that hits your ear"

Age:24 / Bloodtype:A / Height:187cm / Weight:70kg / Training period:7 years 3 months

Hobby:Reading, writing poems, watching movies

Specialty:Making raps, crump dancing, poppin, acting

Message: I'll bet my everything and always do my best with no regret


Translation :

"No phone, no TV, man from Choseon"

Age:18 / Bloodtype:O / Height:170cm / Weight:56kg / Training period:5 months

Hobby:Listening to music, watching idol choreography


Message: I'll see you on main stage


Kim Sunghyun and Park Sion are from Boys 24. Kim Sunghyun was a finalist and has a career as IN2IT.




Under Nineteen


Under Nineteen is a competition show for becoming a boygroup that aired from November 3 2018 to February 9 2019. This was a show that only teenage boys could participate in. The show had three parts : Rapping, vocals, and performance. The show would pick the best 3 from each part and the picked 9 would become the next gen idol.


The 9 finalists was going to made their debut under the name of 1THE9, making contract for total 17 months (5 months of preparation and 12 months of activity). However 1THE9's debut date changed to April 2019 and fans have assumed that the contract changed also.


Translation :

"16-year-old global music genius"

Age:16 / Bloodtype:O / Height:180cm / Weight:62kg / Training period:5 months

Hobby:Writing music and lyrics, rapping, piano, mini writing

Specialty:English, Japanese, producing

Message: I'll be serious and desperate.


Translation :

"Currently quirky trainee, future cosmic star"

Age:20 / Bloodtype:A / Height:178cm / Weight:60kg / Training period: 1 year 3 months

Hobby:Writing lyrics, walking the dog

Specialty:Making raps, palying guitar and bass, playing piano, doing magic tricks

Message: I'll show you my success


Nam Dohyon and Kim Junjae are notably from Under Nineteen. FYI, Nam Dohyon is the youngest contestant of PRODUCE x 101.




More competition shows will be posted in Part 2!

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