Jinyoung Special Photo book Project

The Best All-Round Entertainer ever! Participate in Jinyoung Special Photo book Project!

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See you later! jinyoung


I'm gonna miss him while he's doing his mandatory military service. Good luck Jinyoung....fighting!!! ❤


400% 가자~!


400% 꼭~🙏🏻


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已經成功參與這次寫真 有你在的地方 不管多久多遠 一定會永遠都應援 每次每項活動的.... Jinyoung 請放心 往後的每一天 就像你說過的 開開心心的過每一天 你也要如此呀⋯⋯ 等著你回來後 每天每天的時間都見面吧 https://mobile.twitter.com/search?q=%40shaneyang1013&src=typeahead_click


마지막 D-day😭😭😭 진영오빠 새로운 모습 보여주셔서 감사합니당 마지막이라 생각하니 왜눙물이나죠💦 또 한번 진영오빠 화보집 진행하면 좋겠 어요^^♡


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Completed my participation in the Jinyoung Photobook Project! I have already purchased SET 1 but when I saw this opportunity, I decided to get SET 3 as well and support Jinyoung 😁 I’m excited to see the photos of handsome and charming Jinyoung! Something I would like to share with Jinyoung: Thank you for all that you do! There are so many hearts around the world who you have touched and brought bliss to their lives. Including me, of course! Thank you so much ☺️ I’ve always been a fan of his music and of B1A4, but I’ve recently dived deep into being a fan of Jinyoung. His acting has made me feel joy, wistful, reminiscent, cool (when Jinyoung is cool, it gives me confidence to be cool too haha), made me laugh, and cry! So many emotions that I feel when I watch his works. I recently watched his past movies and dramas and I’m practically watching “My First First Love” and “The Dude in Me” on repeat for the past month. As for his music, his music to me is catchy with sweet & fun melodies and touching lyrics ❤️ I listen to the songs on repeat everyday. I am truly enamored by Jinyoung ✨😍 Since I’ve only just recently become a bigger fan of you, I’m sorry for being late. I’m doing my best to catch up and be a better supportive fan! You are such a talented, hard working, and genuine person. Thank you again for everything! Please be well as you go off for your military duties and please be well while you are away. I’m looking forward to what the future brings for you, Jinyoung! 진영 짱! Fighting! https://www.instagram.com/p/ByhVTSpB0n0/


Completed my participation in the Jinyoung Photobook Project! My Korean is not yet good enough, so I will write in English ;; Thank you so much for everything, Jinyoung! You have not only brightened my life through your mere existence, but for many other people as well! You truly deserve all the love you're receiving, and I wish you all the happiness, health, and continued success in the world! Although I will miss you so, so much over the next two years, I know you will do well and will patiently wait for your return! It doesn't matter if it's two years, or ten, I will always wait for you and support you ♥ Thank you for your continuous hard work, thank you for all the wonderful songs you have created and given to us, and thank you for always being the kind-hearted, well-mannered, silly, funny, and extremely lovable person that you are ♥ Your existence is really a gift and I love you so much ♥ https://twitter.com/dumbyoung_1118/status/1137975554311802880


진영 프로젝트 참여 완료!! 8년자 진영오빠팬 입니다. 어떤 콘셉트라도 다 잘 올리는 울 멋진 지뇽오빠! 포토북 보면서 기다릴게요 팬사인회도 당첨 못했으니까 이번은 꼭 당첨 하길 바랄게요 https://twitter.com/only_nyoung/status/1137882456109936640?s=21


振永项目参与成功! 振永马上要入伍啦,哥哥不在的时候我们也会一直在哥哥身边,春夏秋冬,都会一直在哥哥身边! 可能是一种幸运吧 遇到振永,能够陪伴在他身边,希望今后的每一日,都能以振永作为榜样,努力进步!马上就会再见面啦~~~https://twitter.com/Vousmevoye22/status/1137882396852797441


Complete participation -- I am from Costa Rica, so being able to participate in your first photobook thanks to MakeStar has been really exciting, can't wait for the photobook to arrive to my country, I'll truly treasure it. Wishing you the best always and forever, and like you said "let's meet a lot for a long, long time ... let's be together for even longer than we have been until now", the best is yet to come, so be grateful and happy every day. Fighting!


☆진영 프로젝트 참여완료☆ 제가 누군가를 이렇게 좋아해본게 처음이라 이런프로젝트에 처음 참여해보게 되었는데 처음 참여한게 진영 화보집 프로젝트라 기뻐요♡메이크 스타가 해주신거니 믿음이 가네요~^^프로젝트가 마지막까지 성공적으로 진행되길 바래요~팬싸에 당첨되지 않아서 오빠의 싸인을 못받아 슬펐는데 이렇게 받으면 정말 기쁠것 같아요~꼭 당첨되길 바랄게요♡메이크 스타 감사하고,화보집 프로젝트 응원하고,진영오빠 영원히 사랑합니다~♡♡