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How to


  1. What is Makestar?

    Makestar is an Entertainment industry specialized crowdfunding service which hosts projects from singers, actors, models, drama, movies, and concerts. Makestar is a hub that connects fans with the stars.

  2. What is Crowdfunding?

    Crowdfunding is a method of collecting funds from the masses for a specific goal. Makestar offers pledgers to support projects/artists of their choice, and in return receive both tangible and intangible rewards and benefits from the project creators.

  3. Who is behind Makestar?

    The team behind Makestar is made up of people who have many years experience and expertise in the Korean entertainment industry, as well as members who are passionate about creating a user-friendly service.

  4. Who claims ownership of the projects?

    All rights to a project belong to the project creator. Makestar acts as the communication mediator between the project creators and pledgers, and claims no rights to the projects.

  5. What are the two types of projects? "All or Nothing" vs. "Keep It All"

    For "All or nothing" projects, the funding needs to reach 100% of the goal before the project end date. If unsuccessful, all pledges will be refunded and rewards will not be distributed. For "Keep it all" projects, the project is deemed a success even if the funding falls short of 100%, and rewards will be distributed as listed.

  6. Can anyone become a project creator?

    All Makestar projects are created under contract between Makestar Inc. and entertainment agencies. For the moment, project creation is not open to the public.

  7. What is Star Maker?

    They're the visitors of Makestar.

  8. Who are the Honorary Producers?

    They refer to the Starmaker who has participated in project. If you become the honorary producer, your name can be listed on the album, in the music video credit. (However, the reward for having your names written in may close earlier than the final project’s closure. Please check the reward and its deadline prior to participating)

  9. What is the "MAKESTAR NOW" Button?

    It's the button for you to participate in the project.

  10. Will the project end once it reach the goal of 100%?

    No. The project continues until the final date of the project regardless if it has reached 100% goal.

  11. Where does the additional funds go once it has met the reached goal?

    Once it exceeds the reached goal, all funds, excluding the operating commission, will be sent to artists’ agency. More stretch goals are made, better the funding for the production of the project. Also, when we reach the stretch goal, there will be additional reward.


  1. What is a 'Project'?

    Makestar is a service that aims to connect the stars with the fans, and hosts various events in the area of, including, but not limited to, Album production, Music Video production, Photobook production, Merchandise, Offline Party, and Debut Preparation. -> Each of these crowdfunding events are called 'Projects'.

  2. What is the process behind a project opening?

    A project may open through a management company's direct wish, or when a large number of requests come in from the fans themselves.

  3. How is the project funding goal decided?

    The funding goal is an estimation of the minimum amount of funds required for the production of the indicated merchandise or event.

  4. What happens once the project funding goal has been reached?

    Once a project reaches 100%, the merchandise or event being crowdfunded goes into production. In the event that the funding exceeds the original goal, the additional funds are also delivered to the project creator, less Makestar fees. With a greater amounts of funds amassed, the end product will be produced in ever higher quality, and pledgers are often rewarded with extra stretch goal rewards.

  5. To which charities do the charity projects donate?

    The funds from a charity project are donated under the artist(s) and the honorary producers' names. The target charity is decided on by the project creator.

  6. How are the project rewards/perks decided?

    The project creator and, in the event that the two differ, the artists decide on the reward set up, and all event schedules. The fans' suggestions are also taken into account when setting up the rewards.

  7. What if I can't find the project of my choice? Is there a way to suggest one?

    Yes, it is. For Fans: Please send in your suggestion through the following link For Entertainment Agencies: Please send the name of the company, name of artist, contact person position, contact number/email, media kit (or equivalent) of the artist, and the nature of the proposal to Makestar staff will review your proposal and get back to you in a timely manner.

Before pledging

  1. What is the MAKESTAR NOW button?

    By clicking on this button, you have taken your first step towards becoming an honorary producer to an artist's project.

  2. I would like to support the project by non financial means.

    You can always leave words of encouragement under the project, or share the project via social media to let as many people as possible know. Every little bit helps!

  3. By pledging in a project, what personal information am I letting the project creator know?

    Your personal information will be protected according to Data Privacy Regulations. If a reward for your project must be physically shipped to you, your StarMaker name and other personal information may be handed over to our shipping carrier facility.

  4. Where can I go to check the latest changes on the project?

    Any changes made to the rewards or project will be displayed in the "NOTICE" field in the project detail page. Additional information may be uploaded via the "Updates" tab, as well as individual email.

  5. What happens if the funding reaches 100% before the project end date?

    Once the project reaches 100% of its funding goal, it is confirmed and ready to go forward! The project will proceed until the end date as planned. There may be further stretch goals for even bigger rewards, so keep checking the updates!

  6. What is a Stretch Goal?

    From time to time, a project may set funding goals above the initial 100%. In the event that these new goals are reached, the project creators offer even bigger additional rewards for the pledgers.

  7. What payment methods are available?

    Makestar currently offers payment via credit card, PayPal, and Alipay.

  8. What do I do if I encounter an error while trying to pledge?

    Once requested, PG’s processing of payment may require a few minutes to hours to be approved. If not approved within 24 hours, please leave a 1:1 inquiry.

  9. I would like my rewards package to be sent to a Korean address. Is this possible?

    Absolutely. Make sure to select Korea as the destination country, and search for the address by using the Korean postal code.

After pledging

  1. Reward preparation & delivery process

    1. Preparing rewards
    Project Success! NOW! Producing Rewards.

    All Rewards will be created after the end of the project.
    The Star Creator is currently producing a reward for you.
    + More
    2. Checking rewards
    Reward has arrived at MAKESTAR.

    The person in charge is checking the quality of the product and the quantity has arrived properly.
    The delivery is about to begin, so please check the shipping information by the scheduled date of address modification!
    + More
    3. Checking delivery information
    Wait! Did you check your shipping info.?

    For safe delivery, please double check your shipping information and address.
    If the address is incorrect, you may have to pay extra shipping charges, so please check carefully.
    + More
    4. Preparing reward delivery
    Delivery will begin soon.

    Our team is packing carefully for safe delivery.
    The delivery is about to begin. :) (Dokey Dokey)
    + More
    5. Reward shipping start
    Delivery has begun!

    You can check the tracking number in the [Project History].
    If can't see, it may take up to 1 or 2 more days to register.
    + More
    6. Reward shipping complete
    All Rewards have been shipped.

    StarMakers, did you get the reward well?
    If you have any questions regarding Reward or Shipping, please contact us through 1:1 service.
    + More
    7. Delivery Completed
    The project is complete!

    Project completed successfully.
    Let's meet again on another project!
    + More
  2. How do I know about changes or updates regarding the rewards?

    You will be notified of important news via email and project updates.

  3. I would like to check my pledge history.

    After logging into our service, you may check your pledge history via the top menu, under your name.

  4. How do I check my reward package's delivery status?

    You may find the tracking code for your package under "My Projects". If the tracking code is indicated as "N/A", either the package is still being prepared, or your reward level does not include any physical goods to be delivered.

  5. How do I change my mailing address?

    You may makes changes to your mailing address any time before the project end date. First, login to Makestar, go to your pledge history, click on the pledge for which you would like to change the mailing address, and edit the information.

  6. What if there is a problem with the reward, once received?

    Please make a use of 1:1 inquiry, with participated project's info (e.g., title, order#, etc.) for Makestar to assist you accordingly.

  7. The name on my Honorary Producer Certificate is wrong. Can I get a new one?

    Please make a use of 1:1 inquiry, with participated project's info (e.g., title, order#, etc.) for Makestar to assist you accordingly.

  8. How are refunds made out?

    In the event that an "All or nothing" project is unsuccessful, refunds will be made out through the original method of payment. Should this be unavailable, we will contact you by email to arrange another method that is possible.

  9. For rewards involving meeting the stars, can one of my friends attend instead?

    It depends on situations. Please make a use of 1:1 inquiry, with participated project's info (e.g., title, order#, etc.) for Makestar to assist you accordingly.

  10. How do I know if I made it into the first xx list?

    For events that involve additional perks for the earliest pledgers, the results will be posted as an update on the project detail page.

  11. Where can I leave a message for the stars?

    When you are pledging to a project, you may leave a message for the stars in the "Notes" field. This message will be delivered to the agency to be delivered to the stars. The "Notes" field is also used for additional information such as selecting a member for various rewards.


  1. What social media channels does Makestar run?

    Makestar runs various social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Weibo, Youku, etc) to better reach the fans. Click on the social media buttons at the bottom of the page, and follow our pages to get the newest from the artists!

  2. How can I check the shipping status for winnings from events?

    Event winnings information will be communicated to the winners individually via email.

  3. To delete your account

    Log-in to Makestar web -> Click on your nickname -> Enter to your [Profile] field, and Proceed on [Change] -> Click [Terminate Account] for deletion.