Welcome to the Witchshop' Hero/Heroine decided! First release!

Thanks to all Starmaker's enthusiastic support, the actor for hero and heroine of the Makestar web drama 'Welcome to the Witchshop' is finally decided!

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[내용추가] 음..여기다 고민을 적으면 되는건가요?(응원글 적었던 곳인데~) 전 현듀 마녀님이 너무너무 보고싶은 ‘우유’ 입니다 그래서 현듀 마녀님이 꿈에라도 나와주시면 진짜 좋겠지만 힘들다면 유튜브 나 브이앱 방송으로 얼굴을 비춰주시면 정말 좋겠어요 보고싶어요 현듀 마녀님...... 이라고 적어뒀었는데 구체적으로 말하자면 현주가 마녀 복장을 하고 ‘왕십리역 광장’에서 사탕을 나눠주며 마녀상점 홍보를 하고 싸인회도 진행 했으면 좋겠어요 싸인회가 끝나면(싸인회 전에 퍼포먼스 부터 해도 좋아요) 마녀 빗자루로 바닥을 쓸면서 ‘깨끗한 거리 만들기’ 퍼포먼스를 선보이면 공익적 의미까지 담겨 있어서(시청률을 쓸어담겠다는 의미도 포함) 대중의 이목도 집중시키고 팬들도 만족하는 좋은 이벤트가 될것 같습니다


In the most quiet area of ​​the city there is a small shop where the most unusual things happen. His mistress is a 300-year-old witch, very young, if translated into the age of an ordinary person. She is ambitious and optimistic, tries to learn new things, but is slightly quick-tempered, sometimes it is difficult for her to hold her strength, so her friend lives with her, she is much older, but more experienced and calmer. You can say she is her teacher. The main character learns to restrain her incredible strength, and her friend controls the process, because the girl is going to pass exams. In the list of exam spells, there is one sorcery that requires the witch to experience a feeling of first love. The problem is that the witch still has never fallen in love. - You must fall in love within a month, otherwise you will fail the exam and lose all your strength - How can I do it? -Tomorrow you will go to high school. After all, for the first time at school, they usually fall in love. At school, she gets into a noisy class, and meets a guy there. He was a little awkward, but kind and always was the life and soul of the party. But honestly not everyone was able to understand him, she managed it, and this earned the trust of the young man. The guy, like the girl, had never been in love, however, he could calmly hand out advice, because sometimes he read novels. One day, quite by chance, she reveals her abilities in front of him, after that, explaining the whole situation to the guy, she asks for help, because he should know what do guys like in girls. Throughout the plot, she will try to find her love, and he will help her. They will get into strange and funny situations and do the usual things that high school students do( cycling, going to the cinema and etc), but the question is how soon they both will understand that it’s not necessary to search for anyone, because first love has always been near.

Marie Engel

they really casted the people the starmakers wanted? 😮🤔

Universe By Pentagon

Woah!! It is fantastic to see Yeo One participate #Pentagon


Hyunjoo😂😂😂 nice casting!!!! i'm sooooooo happy.


WOW That's a great news! Hyunjoo congratulations!


I'm so proud of you Hyunjoo😭💕 we get to see you acting again! I'm so happy! 😆✨


The girl is a gray mouse in her college. However, two classmates fall for her: the handsome and the excellent student, the athlete and the headman of the group. The girl is not interested in the relationship, but one of the guys completely changes her opinion.


It is so hard for someone who have social anxiety to go for college everyday....


현주님을 볼수있는 웹드라마가 늘어서 좋네요💜💜


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정말 너무너무 기다렸어요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ






uni.t lee hyunjoo😁❤😁❤