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Coco golden maknae

When will makestar reply my inquiry? I already sent the details.

Coco golden maknae

I didn't receive an email?

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This is Makestar. Please check your e-mail. Thank you!


Congrats to he winners! It would be nice if you guys could put their ideas up there too :D

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I won a contest before and from my experience with that, yes, they should get an email. Sometimes it's in spam but they still send emails :)


A photobook/diary of their adventures and thoughts, even better if their photos are taken from them or from each other (example being jin taking photos of suga) then everynow and then just quotes or stories written from them for us or even scribbles and drawins to make it personal


Free concert for people who cant afford tickets.




Global fanmeeting. It would be great if they do that. But add another countries not only Brazil,Japan,US,etc.Countries in South America, Europe want to see BTS too. We want to meet our favourite artist, see them with the flat of our country and eating our local food too.

Pemee Tan

I would love to see a photobook with pictures taken by each of the members themselves, maybe some pics for the things they value and the rest for the best moments they found from other members. I just thought they could somehow express their feelings and share with fans things that are going on in their lives at the moment. Thank you so very much just for wanting to host a project for the boys!


I really, really love this idea!


I think it would be nice to make a photobook with them in their trainee days up to now because I think it would be a really nice and cute concept for a photobook for ARMYs to look back at. It could include their first performances and wins and maybe some of ARMYs' messages. 💜


It would be nice if they do like a lyrics video, but instead of actual lyrics, they will hold a paper with one or two words from a letter dedicated to ARMYs.


Makestar should partner with BTS and choose a "choose your own adventure" drama! It's a refreshing idea that would be unique in that it's an opportunity for the boys to show they're acting skills and for ARMY to participate and create something together. Each episode, ARMYs can be given a couple of options of what should happen next time, and leave their votes in the comments, and the next episode would be based on that!


Perhaps a specialized song for Makestar pledgers? A special song to their ARMYS or if possible, a BTS X MAKESTAR special very small mini album! It's a fresh idea, and you would certainly get a lot of pledgers for a special song. Maybe have the pledgers sing a specific part of the song to be included in it!