Makestar 1 Year Anniversary Lucky Box Event Review

Lucky Box Event Review ♥

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omg this is amazing! congrats to all the winners!


WOW this is amazing. I wish I have one, but well. Makestar Thank you so much for doing all this. The project here helps so much and the fans are so thankful to you because we feel that we can do something else that see or buy Kpop idols album or MVs. I wish this become more big and all kpop Idols that came here to get help can success. I'm so thankful to Makestar . MAKESTAR FIGHTING.


우와, 부럽네요. 간식이 꼭 맛있겠다! ㅋㅋ


I want b1a4 bts astro boyfriend snack and album😚😚


It is very good

별빛이 내린다

OK!준비완료! 이거 아스트로 노래인데ㅎㅎ


Wow those are really nice ❤

CP Ranger

Makestar sent fans gifts Kind fans gave gifts in return Beautiful friendship #haiku

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CP Ranger

That was beautiful! ^_^




Okay so this will be a long comment 😂 First of all, thank you so much, Makestar staff! You deserve all of the videos and gifts you can get for the wonderful work you do for us! I really like making unboxing videos because when I first started getting to know Makestar, I started to look for videos. To me, videos and reviews mean a lot so it was mainly videos and some reviews on various Facebook pages, etc. With that being said, I really encourage everyone to make unboxing and review videos. Like, if you look at he review video I made, I didn't even speak or show my face so it's that simple! I genuinely appetite what Makestar's concept is. It gave me the chance to feel a connection with the idols that I love and a chance to get to know new groups I didn't know much before. Of course, I love the events and giveaways as well 😂As a matter of fact, I can see the items that I got for the LuckyBox right there, at the back 😂😂💖 Thank you so so sooooooo much 💖


We really enjoy seeing people excited about receiving their packages and posting up their unboxing videos~ shows us that we're helping deliver happiness~ If in the process, these videos help more people discover Makestar, we won't complain ;)


Thank you always for creating sooooo many fun projects for fans! :))))))


Thank you for joining us for the ride~