「MAKESTAR x KPop Zum In」 Astro Exclusive Photobook Event (Winner Announcement)

Makestar and Kpop Zum In Special Collaboration! Know all about ASTRO! Learn more about ASTRO, and participate in exclusive photobook event with Makestar! *Winner Announcement: March 28th, 2017 Noted on bottom of Event Page

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とりあえず欲しいです😭😭😍 ASTRO大好きです


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HAHA I find it HILARIOUS that "Whyonearth ShouldItellyoumyname" is a winner!


Omg congrats to the winner!! U guys r so lucky!!!!!


Congratulations to the winners 💕


Hello! I was wondering if opportunities like this will arise again to win the photobook? Regards, Miya

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Oh, that's too bad. Thank you for replying!


Yeees! I got a chance to get the photobook! I was disappointed when I missed the first event because I badly want the photobook. I want to have at least one merch of them because my mom wont let me buy merchandises.. I've been learning to get to know Astro more since December! I love them because of their cute concept and of course their voices! I wouldn't leave them if they'll change their concept tho! I think mature concept is great for them too, but anyways I am so proud to be an Aroha! I first saw them on Netflix with their webtoon called "To Be Continued". Also, because of them I got closer to KPop and I'm really happy because of that ❤. Thank you, Makestar for giving us another chance although there's only 10 people who will get this, but still. THANKS ❤ hope I'm not late Twitter: https://twitter.com/dahoeran/status/845195549254991872 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vougishnicole/posts/411564862530768? Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BSCktFHDDx4/?taken-by=heysanha


btw idk if you can see the post I posted on facebook, because I can't change the audience to public because I'm under 18 lmao but I shared it to my friends <3.


Omo~ I was pretty disappointed when I found out that I missed the event. But, now, it seems like I have a chance. Thank you so much Makestar for this event, and thank you ASTRO and staff for all your hard work! I will always continue to love and support ASTRO as an AROHA. Thank you and hwaiting! <3 Best of luck to everyone else! (^o^) Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnimeRevReviews/status/845084487159566336


Wow ! First, thank you so much to organize this event <3 It's just amazing *^* I was so sad because I missed the event to buy it ToT So now, maybe I could be lucky ? Or not :') Anyway I wish good luck to every Arohas~ <3 Twitter : https://twitter.com/OFeicht/status/845034178718711808 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oceane.signerfeicht/posts/1218631878232416?pnref=story


Omg!! Astro!! I was so happy that there's is this chance to be able to be win this photo book! I was a depressed after Astro came to our country for concert and now they are gone! They left me wanting for more! Now I'm looking to purchase and getting all their items! And hope to be able to win this photo book as I have missed the opportunity to obtain the photo book during the actual event! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GohhyJUSTME/posts/1648300948518280 Twitter: https://twitter.com/sotongghy/status/844560080511033346